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6 Years On – Thank you

On this September 11 many of you are posting rememberances

Neither blogging nor working at the Red Cross were glints in my eye yet on this day six years ago, but I’d still like to thank all of the volunteers who stepped in to help on that day, in the days that followed, and who continue to volunteer in their local communities today.

The Red Cross is remembering September 11 in the American Red Cross Museum (which is an all-around great place to visit anytime).

I’d also like to share with you below a few of the blog posts about 9/11 I found in my daily search this morning. They each mention the Red Cross in some way and offer several perspectives of that Tuesday morning.

Thanks to all the bloggers who are telling their stories.

From Read This Sign

It was a gorgeous September morning when I dropped my oldest daughter off to her fourth grade class and my youngest to kindergarten. The sun was warm on my face and the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees as I hopped into my car on my way to work.

From Total Drek:

How can we best remember this day? The best way is to remember not only the terrible attacks, but also the beauty that came after it. For the week or so after 9/11, millions of Americans set aside time in their lives for public service. Some drove to New York to help with the rescue efforts any way they could. Some reached out to Arab-Americans in their own communities, trying to promote understanding. Millions of people gave money, or blood, to organizations like the Red Cross.

From J. the Honourary Canadian:

*glances at the clock*

At this time six years ago I was installing patches to McAfee Antivirus on the computers at the Metropolitan New Jersey Chapter of the American Red Cross. A few minutes later I looked up and wondered, “Huh. How come everybody’s going into the board room?”

Turned out it was because that’s where the giant TV was.

It’s wetter today than it was then.

From The Rocking Pony:

The Red Cross was stationed at our church for the next few weeks as the field near Shanksville was gone through inch by inch. The community donated so many supplies that they filled our gym. People just didn’t know what to do, so they gave.

And from our very own Ike Pigott at his blog Occam’s Razr:

On this September 11th, I have a request.

Since for so many of us, the biggest frustration and concern was based on fear and a lack of communication, I ask you to take the time to prepare a communications plan.

Whether it is a terror attack, or a hurricane, or simply a neighborhood evacuation for a gas leak – you need to have contingencies for connecting your family locally, and communicating your status long-distance.

Familiarize yourself with the Red Cross Safe and Well website. Incorporate it into your plan.

Identify a “Hub” – a person of trust far away whom you can reach and can then contact the rest of your friends and loved ones.

Do it today.


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  1. I watched the smoke from the Pentagon from my Alexandria, VA office. My wife was in her schoolyard and heard the boom. Everyone’s phones were overloaded. Later that day, Air Force One, flanked by fighter jets, flew directly over our house. The unnatural silence in the skies over the Washington area in the next few days were only occasionally broken by patrolling military planes. At six am on the second day after I stood in my backyard in the quiet, for the moment no longer able to watch news. A jet roared overhead. And in that moment I began to shake. Our war in our time had come to my home.

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