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Lifestyles of the instructors and the bloggers

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Last week we ran across a couple of enlightening blog posts by American Red Cross Health & Safety instructors.

1. Nerd Heaven admits that his knowledge of proper CPR technique is getting in the way of enjoying television. An unofficial poll around the office here shows that he’s not alone.

You know you are a Red Cross instructor when you start yelling at the TV telling a character they are doing CPR wrong.

2. The Witless Wanderer takes us on an historic tour of the various Red Cross CPR dummies over time. Her favorite was Chris Clean – she even bought a car because he looked good in it! This one is pure blogging gold so be sure to click through to read her whole entry.

For almost 15 years I’ve been a volunteer Red Cross instructor. I have taught First Aid, CPR for adults, children and infants at the citizen responder (regular folks) level, AED, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Infectious Disease Transmission. Every few years the Red Cross changes the curriculum. Every few years the manikins change too.

  • Resusci Annie, a life-size, full-body, heavy-weight female manikin who is normally reserved for professional level classes. The Cadillac of manikins, some models can be plugged into a computer — she’s expensive.
  • Crash Kelly, now passe, thank goodness. He was a major pain in the derriere to put together, but a workhorse once he was assembled. Like most adult manikins, he was just head and torso, no arms or legs.
  • Chris Clean, my personal favorite, a head and torso manikin that was medium-weight but easy to assemble — his rubber face (nose, mouth, chin and cheeks) popped on and off for easy cleaning.
    I kinda miss Chris Clean, he was my main man for a few years. In fact, I bought my Mazda 626 based partially on being able to fit six Chris cases, a TV, a VCR and a box of supplies in it (amazing how much you can stuff into a hatch back) because I drove all over the western end of North Carolina certifying adult Girl Scouts.

I could never get that serious about Actar; he works, but he ain’t no Chris Clean.

2 Responses to “Lifestyles of the instructors and the bloggers”

  1. You know you’re a Red Cross Disaster Instructor When…

    1. Watching movies like Backdraft or Ladder 49, you know exactly how many 901s and comfort kits you’ll have to tell people to bring.

    2. You have a desire to correct adult handwriting samples during class because you know you’ll never be able to read them at 3:00 a.m.

    3. Every time you hear about a single house fire on the news, you stop everything and wait to make sure the media doesn’t say anything about the Red Cross.

    4. You plan vacations around seasonal events such as the spike in single family fires during the winter.

    5. People at your work site come up to you whenever they hear about a disaster and ask for all the dirt.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Yet Another Instructor! Good points all…

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