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08ARC: Blogging catches on

Other convention resources: Title: The American Red Cross Doctor Blogger I am in Baltimore attending the National Convention of the American Red Cross. Having been a volunteer with this organization for a number of years, I decided it was time to get a closer look at the inner workings and national leadership that fuel the […]

08ARC: Wrap Up

We’re winding things down at booth 402. Regularly scheduled chatting will resume on Monday. Thanks so much for all the Red Crossers who stopped by, gave us their comments, and pledged to continue the conversation here at Red Cross Chat. A huge thanks goes to all of you who tried Utterz. A ginormous thanks goes […]

08ARC: Change a Life

This session is full of stories about lives saved, comfort given, and thanks offered by those who have personally experienced it.   We are all connected.  Red Cross heroes are all around us. How many do you know? HEALTH & SAFETY First Aid, CPR and AED training continue to be an important way of changing lives. Matt […]

08ARC: Cordy Mae the therapy dog

She’s stealing the show here in the exhibit hall.  She’s a huge Bernese Mountain Dog who volunteers her time in Walter Reed Medical Center hanging out with the injured soldiers there. During the luncheon keynote session we got to see a video of her in action, and it turns out she’s actually here and just as popular […]

08ARC: NFLer Darrell Green Keynote Recap

Darrell Green is short. He played in the NFL for 20 years. He has led a life of service. The American Red Cross first showed him what service means when it “raised him” as a young man in his 20s (he gave out coffee and donuts at blood drives). “The Red Cross showed me what […]

08ARC: Photos from Morning Session: Who We Are

Board of Governors member Cesar Aristeiguiete, M.D. MSD + M Founder Roy Spence 2008 Navin Narayan National Youth Speaker award winner Swetha Prabhakar National Chair of Volunteers Kate Forbes and Acting CEO and President Mary Elcano present the National Youth Council with the President’s Award for Service.

08ARC: Parade of Volunteers Slideshow

Full photo set

08ARC: Youth Council wins prestigious award

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08ARC: Acting President and CEO Mary Elcano Keynote Recap

Mary Elcano admittedly does not like public speaking, but her speech was inspiring nonetheless. She brings no ego to the stage; only an honest and straightforward respect for the American Red Cross and an earnest hope for its future. “I promised to let you know what I know when I know it. What I know […]

08ARC: Good Morning

We’re back at the booth and ready for day 2 of convention. This morning, we’ll be uploading all the fab photos from the Parade of Volunteers and yesterday’s opening session. Today’s events will include: Keynote address by acting CEO and President Mary Elcano Workshop sessions on the restructure and new brand campaign Lunchtime keynote by former […]