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You Always Come Back Home

National Youth Council members Pat West and Mat Morgan sent me an email last week explaining the following video they created as a recruitment tool for youth volunteers. >> See all of them (so far – we’ll be putting them to work on more soon)  What do you think? If you have a camera and […]

Map of Red Cross Major Response Efforts Since April 1

To keep up with our response to the current wildfires in California and Washington, stay tuned to RCO (redcross.org). You can also see the Santa Clara Chapter’s Flickr photos in the Red Cross photo pool:

Dispatch #2 from our Service to Armed Forces Staff in Balad, Iraq

RELATED: Dispatch #1 From Maryl Neff: We’ve been here almost a week now, and the team we replaced flew to Kuwait this morning. I think it’s safe to say that all four of us on the team are still adjusting to deployed life, work shifts, the heat and everything else that goes with being deployed. […]

What do 7/8/96 and 7/8/08 Have in Common?

On the same day 12 years apart, a storm named Bertha became a hurricane. Here is Tampa Bay Chapter’s Pam Bartley to tell us about the first storm: AUDIO >>  Pam Bartley

Jimmie Briggs Came to Tell Us About Innocents Lost

AUDIO >> Jimmie Briggs Recap by Claire Johnson: I heard an astounding statistic the other day. 1 in 10 soldiers world-wide are under 18 years old. There are children in our world who witness violence and participate in violence every day. Sometimes in my little bubble, I just don’t imagine that this is possible. Jimmie […]

In Case of Emergency, Read Blog!

The illustrious (and prepared!) John Solomon of In Case of Emergency, Read Blog and NPR’s On the Media came by yesterday to interview our own Senior Vice President for Preparedness & Response, Joe Becker, as part of his series, “What Should We Tell the Public?” We’d like to thank John for his continued support of the […]

Let the Butterfly Begin! Less than a Month to the Games

Yesterday the Tampa Red Cross used Twitter to remind everyone that Olympic swimming dreams start with Red Cross swim classes.   If you’re feeling inspired by this summer’s feats of athleticism, perhaps you’ll want to join a Red Cross Learn to Swim program in your community. Becoming a champion starts with a dip of the […]

Service to Armed Forced: Dispatch from Fort Benning

As part of the Red Cross Service to Armed Forces, we deploy small groups of brave souls every few months. The latest crew left headquarters last week for Fort Benning. They’re now en route to their final destinations, but before they left Maryl Neff sent in these pictures and her thoughts before leaving the US: Happy 4th of […]

I’m Making a Difference. Are you?

Have you checked out the i’m Talkathon and the exploits of Parker Whittle? Today is the American Red Cross Day, so head on over, check it out and  if you’re using Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail, select the Red Cross as your cause of choice to help make a difference simply by chatting or e-mailing. […]

Cedar Rapids, Iowa native Kurt Warner Makes a PSA

Kurt Warner (hope he’s not upset that I called baseball the perfect game yesterday) hails from Cedar Rapids, IA. You remember the massive flooding and tornadoes that hit that area of the country a few weeks ago, right?  Well, Kurt is a former Celebrity Cabinet Member and was so moved by the devastation there that he called […]