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Twilight Giveaway for You

Choose American Red Cross as your cause of choice on Social Vibe, leave a comment on their blog, and you could be picked to win a Twilight DVD.

The giveaway is tomorrow, March 25. We’ve got over 300 comments already, so get in the game quick!

Social Vibe

4 Responses to “Twilight Giveaway for You”

  1. Giving of life blood has been a priority in my life. The first time I donated, I was in high school. Every year I would be sure to get as many friends, family members and a few from Church. We would make a day of ot and do lunch, play base ball. Each year a few of us have come and gone, yet there is always a good turn out . It is a seance of community and friendship I hope my kids will continue.
    In Love and Light
    Fawn aka: Living Dead Gurl

  2. i work for the red cross as a first responder volunteer while I finish up high school. I love and enjoy it so much. That’s why I chose it as my cause. Sometimes they can’t do the things they need because of money issues, but with great teamwork, they manage to get through beautifully (:
    I’m still not old enough to give blood (even though I’m a junior) I’m still 16, but as soon as I turn 17, you bet, I’ll be doing it :)
    The Red Cross is only what the community makes it and I am happy to say that they get alot of support, and without them, we’d be in some serious trouble C:

    ?Paige L.

  3. i think it’s incredible.
    and its very heroic!
    Every body that has given blood once in there life has to feel amazing knowing that they helped someone else other than them self. and not being selfish..
    You guys are amazing and i to plan to give blood soon!

  4. I used to done blood all the time. I need to start doing it again, thanks for the reminder!

    PS I love Twilight!

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