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Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Volunteers Respond to a Bomb Explosion in Jakarta

Indonesian Bombing Indonesian Bombing

Indonesian Bombing

The Indonesian Red Cross Society (also known as Palang Merah Indonesia or PMI) is actively responding to last night’s bomb blasts at two major hotels in Jakarta.

More than 40 disaster response volunteers and paramedics have been providing first aid at both the JW Marriot and the Ritz-Carlton as well as at hospitals where the injured have been transported.

The Indonesian Red Cross runs a major ambulance service and deployed seven ambulances initially for this emergency.

The Indonesian Red Cross also helped evacuate survivors, including five injured at the JW Marriot Hotel.

Two restoring family links teams are working with hospitals to identify those who were lost or injured so that families can be informed. PMI also responded to requests from hospitals for Rhesus A-Negative blood for survivors, and will mobilize local residents to donate, if required.

Photo Credit: Indra Yogasara/Indonesian Red Cross

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