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Demi Lovato is a Red Cross Volunteer

Today we’re welcoming 5 new members to our celebrity cabinet.

>> Press Release

>> Returning Celebrity Members

Here’s a highlight reel from our celebrity cabinet members’ activities over the past year:

And without further ado, here are our 5 new members!

Demi Lovato

Julianne Hough  
“I am honored to be a part of the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet and help support an organization that offers neutral humanitarian care to the victims of war and aid to victims of devastating natural disasters. Being part of this amazing organization will provide me with an opportunity to join in its efforts to help others and encourage the American public to become involved with their local Red Cross and make a difference.” Julianne Hough

You can find Julianne on Twitter @JulianneHough

Sally Pressman
“I am so delighted to be part of the Red Cross National Cabinet. People all around the world are in desperate need. The Red Cross uses volunteers to help after major, seemingly insurmountable tragedies occur. Using volunteers means the people involved want to be there, want to help, want to do everything they can to improve living conditions. To me, that is the way our world should be. People coming together to help simply because they want to. I want to help. That is why I am proud and honored to be a member of the Red Cross National Cabinet.” Sally Pressman

Find out more about Sally Pressman

Anika Noni Rose
“Here at home where we are still not post- Katrina, it is my hope that the lessons learned during that awful period of devastation for so many will make this long-lived organization and our country stronger than ever. It takes many small stones to build a great wall and in a time where there is so much global need, I am glad to be able to lend my name and support to an organization whose symbol has meant hope for so many years and in so many nations. “ Anika Noni Rose

Find out more about Anika Noni Rose

… and Amanda Peet!

Amanda Peet

2 Responses to “Demi Lovato is a Red Cross Volunteer”

  1. Thanks to our new celeb supporters! I heart Amanda Peet in Saving Silverman :)

  2. congratulations

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