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Holiday Mail for Heroes

Holiday Mail for Heroes Card Sorting Event 2008 Kick-Off Event Holiday Mail for Heroes 2007 Sacramento Chapter Holiday Mail for HeroesHoliday Mail for Heroes Card Sorting Event

Update 10/14/10: The Holiday Mail for Heroes program is back for 2010 – please CLICK HERE for the latest information. Thank you!

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  1. Interesting post. Thanks for share

  2. […] American Red Cross Cards for Heroes […]

  3. This is agreat idea and I hope that next christmass you’ll continue this tradition and I could send a holiday mail for our heros.

  4. I am so glad that the red cross was able to see a success with this and i hope that next Christmas you will continue with this idea, I think it’s worthy of mention and support.

  5. I am a family law attorney and learning so much from reading your website. Thanks again!

  6. There’s something about the American spirit — inherent in the American spirit — we don’t hang on to the past. We always move forward…. We are going to leave something better for our children — not just here in the United States, but all around the world.

  7. What a fantastic program – I hope many bloggers pick up on this and spread the word as it’s worth getting as many people involved in the Holiday Mail campaign as possible.

  8. I’m working on cards and little confused as to how
    I address the cards. Do I use To a Soldier or do I
    use Holiday Mail for Heroes. This is my first time
    with your cards and I want to do things right.

    Your program is wonderful. Keep up the great
    work. Our Soldiers deserve all the praise and
    support they can get.

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Howdy ,Gloria
    I realy enjoyed good article.
    please can i know more about this cards.

  10. Another holiday come and gone – I hope the cards went well!

  11. […] Red Cross and Pitney Bowes are working¬†together to give our servicemen and women a touch of home during the holiday season.¬† […]

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