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Earthquake in Haiti

Update (1/13/10, 12:15 PM): We are humbled and thankful for the outpouring of support from our blog visitors offering their services to help those in need in Haiti. We committed $200,000 last night, and increased that amount this morning to $1 million.

Please read the guidelines below on what forms of help we are currently able to accept.

  • At this time, we are only deploying Red Cross volunteers specially trained to manage international emergency operations. Please consider supporting your community‚Äôs local needs by volunteering with your local Red Cross.
  • If you want to help those affected by the Haitian earthquake, the simplest way is to make a donation to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. We are also receiving money through a third party mobile fundraising effort sponsored by Mobile Accord. Mobile donors can text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a ten dollar donation to the Red Cross. The funds will go to support the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.
  • Also, to date we have not received any request for blood products from the government of Haiti. We will respond to any request that we receive for blood products based on availability.

If you’re concerned about a US citizen living or traveling in Haiti, call the U.S. State Dept at 1-888-407-4747 for assistance. Otherwise keep trying loved ones via phone, social networking sites, or through a loved one outside the disaster zone.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has established a website where you can register and search for non-U.S. citizens in Haiti.


Our thoughts and support are with Haiti. We have pledged an initial $2oo,ooo and are accepting donations to the International Response Fund.

If you do not want to donate online, you can also click here for other ways to donate money.

For the most updated Red Cross information about the earthquake, visit our Disaster Online Newsroom.

We are releasing all our supplies located in a Panama warehouse, from kitchen and cooking sets to mosquito nets.

We expect to see immediate needs for food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support.

Please keep in mind that blog comments are public; avoid including personal information.

821 Responses to “Earthquake in Haiti”

  1. I am a 23 year old female wanting to travel to Haiti to help with relief efforts. I an not currently CPR trained, but I used to be. I have traveled to Haiti on a cruise, so this is really hitting home. I have been on 8 mission trips within the US, and I’m ready to take this international. I cannot seem to find any websites that are taking volunteers at this time, and I would really like to go. If anyone has any information, please please PLEASE contact me!

  2. Am an active Red Cross Volunteer, also a LPN x 30 + years @ 48 years old. I work in New Orleans @ an inner city hospital where I’ve been for 7 + years. I am ready to deploy when the opportunity becomes available. Current job title x 17 years Nurse Case Manager.

  3. I am a Paramedic and I would like to know if there is anyway i can use my skills or help in any other way, I have multiple certifications, Thank you

  4. I am a Licensed clincical social worker, emergency services/psychiatric/children’s services experienced. I want SO badly to go to Haiti and HELP in any way possible. If only to sit with the children in orphanages who need human contact and comfort! If there is any team going at anytime soon or in the near future…PLEASE inform me of what is needed to join the team and GO HELP IN HAITI!
    Sitting here and donating money seems insignificant!

  5. i am a qualified childcarer who has many years experience with children i am from england but would like to go to haiti and help look after the children and do what i can… i also have details off other people who would also be interested in going to haiti to help…

    please reply soon

    God Bless x



  7. I am a physical therapist who might be volunteering there with another organization. However, I would like to provide handouts of exercises in French and English that would be appropriate for upper and lower extremity amputations. The exercises would be easy for anyone to teach those who need it. Please contact me!

  8. I am a recently retired military personnel. i speak fluent creole. I was actualy born in port-au-prince, haiti, i would love to give any assistance. i am willing to travel and help translate.

  9. How do I become a red cross nurse for disaster relief?

  10. I would like to volunteer my services to any organization that might use them. I have work as a carpenter and general maintenance technician. I have experience in the following fields…carpentry, plumbing, electrical, concrete, equipment maintenance & repair. Please contact me I am currently available to volunteer immediately.

    Chris Shepherd

  11. I am a 4th year medical resident who can spend the month of March in Haiti as a rotation to help out in medical treatment. Let me know if I can be of any help or if you know of any other agencies organizing volunteering physicians. Thanks

  12. I want to go help in Haiti not only with donation but physically,I’m train in CPR,first aid etc.can anyone assist me getting the.I’m free for the next 3 months and willing to give my assistance please allow me to help the people that need help

  13. I am a social scientist with three years experience would like to volunter in Hait with any organisation

  14. just to say that i hope the continuing efforts to support the people of haiat lng after the earthquake goes on. So many time this sort of disaster pricks the worlds concientious for a few weeks and then is forgotton about.

  15. i want to go to haiti and help in any way i can too. i may not have the specialization needed there, but in the eyes of GOD we are all brothers and sisters, its not so bad to lend a helping hand…

  16. guys ‘s even tough we are not registered nurses or red cross volunteers, we can still give moral and spiritual support to our fellowmen in haiti. we can give the most powerful help of all….and that is our prayers…

  17. I am amazed at the volume of response you got for the appeal, from very concerned citizens of the US.

    Now that the issue is settled, I wish to suggest that you conduct a medical relief camp, involving some psychologists and counselors, in the earthquake hit area, to find those still in trauma, and provide relief. thanks.

  18. This is such a terrible thing, I feel sop bad for all those people. I urge everyone to give give give.

  19. This earthquake is one of those disasters of the running century that affected the people in a real sense. Millions of people have become homeless. They are suffering with a lot of problems.

  20. […] manier om te doneren. Op de webpagina ‘Giving en Getting Involved’, onder ‘Donate to the Red Cross‘ staan alle mogelijkheden […]

  21. 11-05-2010

    I too, am interested in offering whatever help I can. I’m a Forest Technician, have been trained in First Aid, CPR. Search & Rescue. I’m in between Forest seasons, that resume in April.
    I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Sahel/ Sahara Desert Region of NW Africa. With a little exposure, I could recall my French Language skills. I have been exposed to some Locust Plagues, multiple diseases, civil war, displaced populace, and poverty squalor. It would not be my first Rodeo.
    I possess a valid (U.S.) passport, am single, healthy, available, will work any capacity most useful. I have developed a few nurseries while in Africa. Tree (seedlings) to slow erosion, protect water resources.
    I hope to hear from you if I would be helpful. Thanks

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