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There’s an App for That – Shelter View

iPhone users, we have a brand spanking new app to help you find open shelters! Our Shelter View app displays current shelter information from the National Shelter System , which is updated every thirty minutes.

Download the app from the Apple app store.


Using the map view above, you’ll be able to check where shelters are open at any given time in the United States. A more detailed view is also available, showing you exactly where the shelter is, last reported resident count, capacity, and the local chapter involved with the shelter.

Are you adding this app to your arsenal of disaster preparedness tools? Let us know what you think!

6 Responses to “There’s an App for That – Shelter View”

  1. Is there an Android version of the app available? Thanks.

  2. Not yet CL. If you don’t have an iPhone, best bet is to view the shelter map online: http://app.redcross.org/nss-app/

  3. I am trying to find a list of survivors in japan from todays earthquake, tidal wave and fires. Is there a website or app. ?

  4. Note that this only shows shelters actively OPEN in time of need – otherwise it will show you ARC chapter offices – could use some improvements…..

  5. Hi5! Thanks American Red Cross. Your services were a lifeline for us during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Tuscaloosa, Alaabama! EnjoyHi5Autism is sharing on our social networks and micro-blogs at http://enjoyhi5autism.blogspot.com and http:.//familyenjoyinghi5autism.blogspot.com

  6. Does this site only show shelters when needed? I don’t currently see any for SW Florida…

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