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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This story comes to us from one of our blood drive volunteers, Kim Elizabeth Manning, who is willing to do just about anything to make our blood donors feel welcome When something great happens, you probably cheer loud and exuberantly … but what if you’re deaf, or the person you’re cheering for is deaf? Recently, [...]

How to Explain Blood Donation to a Six-Year-Old

At the end of February I donated blood for the first time in a couple of years. I arrived home with a bandage on my arm and a heart-shaped sticker on my shirt, both of which prompted questions from my kids and led to a simple explanation of “I donated blood today” from me. While [...]

Surfing Report: Supermodels,Simulations, Shorelines, and S’More

Practice Makes Perfect! [Oregon Trail Red Cross] Now I know it’s more than just blood (Southeastern Michigan Red Cross] 3 year old boy donates [Northeast Indiana Red Cross] Supermodel Niki Taylor reaches out to blood donors who helped save her life [Atlanta Journal Constitution] Rusty fire hydrant planets [What does your nearest fire hydrant look [...]

Show the Love: Donate Blood

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, at least in the tradition sense. With the holiday comes a tremendous amount of pressure to speak the most romantic phrase that’s every been spoken or make the most romantic gesture that’s ever been made, and more often than not – at least in my experience – [...]

Sharing the Love, Blood Donor Style


Blood Donor Selfies

A small collection of the Instagram selfies we’ve seen in the past day by blood donors. Keep em coming and use #redcross  so we can see your good deed. Donate today  

From the Archives

January is National Blood Donor Month! In honor of the occasion we’d like to share a little history of our blood donor program. In 1936, the Red Cross, obtained permission to organize blood transfusions on an experimental basis. The Augusta, Ga., chapter inaugurated the first Red Cross volunteer blood donor service in August 1937.  Some [...]

Surfing Report

A collection of links we found while surfing the web. See something we should include in the next surfing report? Leave a comment with the link.   When your house is burning down, you should brush your teeth [The Oatmeal] Red Cross Baskets [Shorpy] The Cloud Helped [WSJ]  

My New Year’s Resolution

Saving lives is so easy! As December was drawing to a close, my husband and I decided to make appointments to give blood. You see, giving blood is never a walk in the park for us. My husband hates giving blood…I usually have to make his appointment for him. The needle terrifies him…actually, he pretty [...]

Do Gooders Spotted on Instagram Doing Good

These people are sharing their good works on Instagram. If you use Instagram, find us @AmericanRedCross.