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100 Days of Summer International #YouthDay

By Eddie Zitnik, Chair, American Red Cross National Youth Council Today is International Youth Day, a special day during the year which celebrates the impact youth can make on society all around the world. At the American Red Cross we hope to inspire youth and young adults to donate blood this summer to help meet [...]

Choose Your Day This Summer — There’s Still Time

An excerpt from redcross.org: It’s always difficult to collect enough blood to meet patient needs, but it’s even more difficult during the summer months when schools are out and families are visiting with friends and loved ones.  It’s important to remember that patients don’t get a vacation from needing blood and platelets. The need is [...]

Susan’s Story: How Donating Blood Saved Her Life

A blood donation is one of the greatest gifts that a person can give. It is a selfless act that can have a long-lasting impact on another person’s life. Susan, a committed Red Cross blood donor, regularly donated blood to help save the lives of others. Following one of her routine blood donation appointments, she [...]

Spend Some Summer R&R with the Red Cross

Summer vacation may sound relaxing, but between packing for your trip to the beach and organizing barbecues, some of us might need a break from our summer break. What’s the solution? It’s as simple as choosing your day. Make an appointment, kick back in a comfy chair, roll up a sleeve and donate blood. It’s [...]

Thank You, Volunteers, for Time Alone with My Thoughts

For the most part, I spend my days on the go with nary a free minute to stop and think, at least not about anything except what I’m doing at that moment and the very next task on my to-do list. Yesterday my to-do list included donating blood. I donate blood because it saves lives, [...]

Blood Donors: Everyday Heroes

Today is the last day of Red Cross Month, and I can’t think of a better way to close out the month by sharing this story from Michelle Mullin. Michelle’s father received several blood transfusions from donors 25 years ago which allowed him to spend more time with his family before he ultimately passed away. [...]

How to donate blood for newbies and needle-haters

Background: I’ve been working at the American Red Cross for nine months and 15 days, and during those nine months and 15 days, I’ve adamantly told myself I’m going to give blood. Yet I haven’t because I, like so many others, prefer not to be poked in the arm with a needle. This serious, full-blown, [...]

Meet Jacqueline Rogers — An 8 year old whose courage inspires us all

When 8-year-old Jacqueline Rogers of Billerica, Massachusetts walked into an Red Cross blood drive in Boston recently, she stole the show. That wasn’t an easy thing to do with the Boston Bruins mascot in attendance. Rogers was born with a congenital heart disorder and was scheduled to have open heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital [...]

Meet Tyler — A Blood Donation Success Story

Tyler, a 15-year-old wrestler, is proof of the difference donated blood and platelets make every day.  Here’s how a timely donation helped this high school wrestler get back on the mat! Tyler is just one of the many patients around the country whose lives have been saved via blood and platelet donations.  Please call 1-800-RED [...]

TNT’s Boston’s Finest Finale Reminds Viewers “What It’s Like to be a Hero”

Tonight, TNT aired the season finale of Boston’s Finest.  Viewers from all over the nation tuned in, wrapped in blankets trying to keep warm and forget the frigid weather outside.  We watched as the fine Boston Police force, again, took to the streets to make their corner of the world a little safer. Tonight’s storyline had [...]