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“The Stars” Align to Spread Hope on #GivingTuesday

Today, the stars are aligned. At the Red Cross, we are fortunate to work with our celebrity donors and volunteers, as well as many television and film partners.  Each day, they bring us creative ideas about how to alleviate suffering and save lives through the powerful and creative influence of the entertainment industry.  They sing […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Asks “What is a Hero?”

Last night, on the finale of TNT’s The Hero, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson asked contestants to define what it means to be a hero. On the show, contestants have competed for the title of #TheHero in challenges of strength, courage and integrity, so many of them offered strong perspectives on true heroism. For #HeroDave, heroism […]

Surfing Report: Makeovers, Tapirs, Casinos, and more

The Red Cross Gets a Makeover [Turn Out] Animal CPR Given to a Tapir [Huffington Post] To Save a Life, Odds Favor Defibrillators in Casinos [NPR] Letters from a Private  


Erin talks about the Red Cross symbol and its worldwide recognition as a symbol of hope.

What is a Duckworth?

Throughout this project, we’ll be blogging to keep you updated, to hear your ideas and thoughts on our brand, and ultimately to share the breathtaking work we expect.