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“The Stars” Align to Spread Hope on #GivingTuesday

Today, the stars are aligned. At the Red Cross, we are fortunate to work with our celebrity donors and volunteers, as well as many television and film partners.  Each day, they bring us creative ideas about how to alleviate suffering and save lives through the powerful and creative influence of the entertainment industry.  They sing […]

Josh Duhamel (ND native) on Red Cross disaster response

Twilight Giveaway for You

Choose American Red Cross as your cause of choice on Social Vibe, leave a comment on their blog, and you could be picked to win a Twilight DVD. The giveaway is tomorrow, March 25. We’ve got over 300 comments already, so get in the game quick!

The Big Picture

Looking at boston.com’s The Year 2008 in Photographs this morning, I was struck by how many of the photos involved events the American Red Cross responded to this year. Tropical Storm Hanna The Big Picture’s photo of the year #4 The American Red Cross obviously responded to Hanna in the United States, but we were […]

A Gift Idea: Blanket Donations

Reminder: With $10 and a Facebook account you can give (in a friend’s name) the equivalent of 2 real blankets to a family affected by a disaster. It’s a great holiday gift idea for those on your gift list who are Facebook-obsessed.

Thanks for Participating in the National Day of Giving

Thanks to everyone for participating in the National Day of Giving last Saturday. To reiterate just how important the Campaign for Disaster Relief is, Mother Nature is handing much of the United States some winter doozies right now. Your American Red Cross is providing services such as warming centers, shelters, and food and blankets in […]

Take Action Today! It’s the National Day of Giving

The National Day of Giving has arrived! Yours truly is putting on layers now to head out to our 17th Street building here in DC with all of my colleagues. I’ll try to report back later with pictures. In the meantime – do your part! Your incentive (besides feeling good that you’ve just made someone […]

Twitter Hall of Fame

Every once in a while we like to show you the things people are saying about the Red Cross on Twitter. Here are our favorites from the past few days: trexsandwich: I’m now half an inch away from being a Red Cross volunteer. Excitement! Danger! Passion? examorata: Why yes, Red Cross, you may have some […]

$30 Million in 30 days

We’ve been talking about (and encouraging you social media leaders to help) the Campaign for Disaster Relief for the past couple of months. The goal is to raise $100 million and we’re almost there. We’ve raised nearly $70 million and have $30 million to go. To inspire you, our President and CEO Gail McGovern recorded […]

Disgruntled Michigan Fan

This morning we found a unique auction on eBay and we just had to reach out and talk to the man behind the story. He’s a devout Michigan fan who has renounced his loyalty and is auctioning off his collegiate fandom to the highest bidder. He’ll donate 80% of the profits to the Disaster Relief […]