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The Top 5 Things to Do When A Winter Storm is Approaching

By:  Dominick Tolli,  VP Preparedness Health and Safety Services,  American Red Cross When a winter storm is on the way your first inclination might be to get to the store and load up on the comfort foods that are going to get you through the next several days. With the clock ticking, if you can [...]

Mobile Clinics in Haiti Help Pregnant Women Stay Healthy

Editor’s note: This post was written by Patrick Robin, a Senior Program Officer for the American Red Cross team carrying out projects in Haiti. Patrick previously lived in Haiti for two years and feels a special commitment to helping people recover and thrive from the January 2010 earthquake. On a recent trip to the north [...]

Seven Solid Ways to Stay Safe When the Temperature Drops

Winter has arrived with freezing temperatures and snowstorms in many parts of the nation. Now is the time to ensure you and your family are prepared for the next round of sub-zero temperatures and possible power outages. Here are the American Red Cross top tips for keeping safe when the snow flies and the deep [...]


By: Stephen Glockenheimer,  Vice President, Preparedness, Health and Safety Services, Product Development at the American Red Cross President Obama has signed into law a bill that provides incentives for schools to store on hand lifesaving epinephrine — medicine critical for students and school staff who experience a life-threatening allergic emergency. This type of emergency, medically [...]

“The Stars” Align to Spread Hope on #GivingTuesday

Today, the stars are aligned. At the Red Cross, we are fortunate to work with our celebrity donors and volunteers, as well as many television and film partners.  Each day, they bring us creative ideas about how to alleviate suffering and save lives through the powerful and creative influence of the entertainment industry.  They sing [...]

World AIDS Day: Doan Thi Khuyen’s Story

Around the globe, nearly 34 million people are living with HIV. On this World AIDS Day, take a minute to get to know one of them—Doan Thi Khuyen. Strong-willed and full of hope, Doan Thi Khuyen and her son deal with discrimination every day. But their optimism helps them overcome the stigmas they face in [...]

Help for People Living with HIV in Hanoi

Editor’s note: This post was written by Thang, a peer counselor/outreach worker for the Vietnam Red Cross.  I was working in the counseling room in Dong Da hospital when the phone rang. I picked it up and heard, “Hi Thang, it is Dao from Chuong My district, Hanoi. Do you remember me?” I envisioned Dao, [...]

5 Quidditch Safety Tips

In honor of the today’s anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie premiere, we’re bringing you Quidditch safety tips from my little brother, THIS GUY:          Brennan Ross, 21-year-old famed president of the internationally-ranked UCLA Quidditch team, and Hollywood Quidditch consultant (whose work is featured in the movie The Internship), who is a [...]

Tips For Staying Cool From the Hottest Race in the U.S.

Today marks the beginning of the 36th running of the Badwater Ultra Marathon. For those of you who have not heard about this very small, very elite race, let me give you some context. It’s a three day race Runners don’t really get to sleep at night – they just run with headlamps It starts [...]

How can the Red Cross help MY family?

Many people do not know if the Red Cross can help their family, but the Red Cross is proud to be there for you and whoever you define your family to be. Our seven founding Fundamental Principles guide our services, and among them are: Humanity: We “ensure respect for the human being.” Impartiality: We are impartial [...]