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Holiday Thoughts from Gail McGovern

The holiday season is a time when we’re thinking about our family and friends and we’re involved in all the frenetic activity to get them holiday presents.


When I woke up this morning and was thinking about blogging, I thought about Thanksgiving and how much I personally have to feel grateful for.

Throwing the First Pitch

Every once in a while, because I’m with the Red Cross, I get to do something that is just delicious.

My 3rd Trip to Haiti

Recently, I made my 3rd trip to Haiti and it was a a very productive trip.

First Pitch

President and CEO Gail McGovern threw out the first pitch for her beloved Yankees at yesterday’s game.

Save Me, Clara is the Song of the Day

Last week NPR featured The Dimes’ Save Me, Clara as their song of the day. The song is a tribute to our founder Clara Barton. Send a quick thanks out to @thedimes on Twitter for honoring Clara in this way.

Haiti: Your Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

In part 2, we asked her why the American Red Cross isn’t spending all the money you’ve donated at once.

Haiti: Your Frequently Asked Questions

This is part one in a series of interviews where our President and CEO Gail McGovern will answer some of our most frequently asked questions about our response and recovery efforts for survivors in Haiti.

Gail McGovern: Hoping for Some Blankets In My Name

We just launched a big holiday campaign that is a fundraising event at the American Red Cross. The centerpiece for this is the gift catalog. We are engaging all of our chapters and our development organization here at headquarters on this. The gift catalog has gifts you can purchase in someone’s honor that will be [...]

Gail McGovern: Have Fun Saving the World

Today I’m answering the question: Where would you like the organization to be in 2020? I am very impressed with the talent and willingness of employees and volunteers in the Red Cross to rally around some of the changes we’ve been making, whether it’s the One Red Cross initiative, the steps that are happening in [...]