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Cheers to Ten Years, Twitter!

Happy birthday, Twitter! We’ve had our ups and our (now infamous) downs, but needless to say our operations wouldn’t be the same without Twitter. We #LoveTwitter! Here are some of our favorite highlights. Our first tweet Disaster News Update Tropical Storm Barry: The National Hurricane Center has now iss.. http://tinyurl.com/2ssqth — American Red Cross (@RedCross) […]

Now Recruiting: Social Media Ambassadors for Red Cross Giving Day

Can you tweet in your sleep? Instagram on the fly? Facebook your face off? We need your help! You are: A social media maven. Passionate about helping those who are in need. We need: Social pros to help carry our Red Cross Giving Day message far and wide. We’ll give you all the tools you […]

@ClaraBarton, Is That You? Envisioning Our Founder’s First Tweets

In honor of March is Red Cross Month, we decided to show our founder, Clara Barton, how to tweet and celebrate with us. Like most who first start out on Twitter, it took a bit of time to acclimate! Limiting thoughts to 140 characters, what to talk about and, of course, how to properly use […]

A Millennial Gives a Thumbs Up to New Social Giving Survey

I’m just going to come out and say what I sometimes feel I’m generally judged for. I’m a millennial! I text while I walk; I Snapchat a selfie; I express my emotional sorrow in an emoji; and I even shamelessly check the number of hearts I receive on Instagram. But you know what? Today I’m […]

One Red Cross to Reunite Them All

For anyone that has ever traveled, you know each country offers something unique, something that makes it stand out from other places. Which is why people travel. It’s an awesome thing to experience new foods, cultures and customs.  Countries—and even cities–look/taste/smell/feel a little bit different as you move place to place. The global Red Cross […]

“The Stars” Align to Spread Hope on #GivingTuesday

Today, the stars are aligned. At the Red Cross, we are fortunate to work with our celebrity donors and volunteers, as well as many television and film partners.  Each day, they bring us creative ideas about how to alleviate suffering and save lives through the powerful and creative influence of the entertainment industry.  They sing […]

Social Media in Emergencies

An update on the Red Cross’ use of social media during emergencies like Hurricane Irene.