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Blame the Corn Sweat

What comes to mind when you think of corn? Rows and rows of tall stalks flanking the roads of rural America?   The perfect side dish for your summer lunch?   If you live in the Central U.S., I’ll bet you are quickly becoming familiar with another, not-so-pleasant corn experience: corn sweat! Hold Your Tassels: Your Guide […]

Are You Ready for Your Summer Camping Adventure?

It’s that time of year again – camping season! Can you picture it? Pitching the tent, jumping in the lake, and most importantly, setting up the bonfire for nighttime s’mores and storytelling. First Thing’s First – First Aid Tips When packing for a camping trip, first aid items may not always come to mind. While we […]

Biggest Risks for Popular Summer Activities

What’s on your to-do list this summer? I’m driving to Ohio for a wedding and flying to a cabin in Michigan, so I’ve got my road trip and water safety tips all ready to go. While my summer line-up doesn’t include incredibly strenuous activities, I’m always cautious in new surroundings to avoid any injuries or surprises. […]

11 Hurricane Tips for 2016

  If you guessed Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Ike – you were right! Read more about these disasters and our response in our post from 2013. As hurricane season approaches, we have some tips to help you brush up on your preparedness so you’re ready in case another one hits. Crossing our fingers […]

Four Things to Know Before Heading to Your Spring Break Destination

Post by Greta Gustafson, American Red Cross intern As winter drags on, getting away to somewhere warm over spring break is top of mind for most students. As a college student myself, I understand the need to clear your mind with a beach vacation all too well. For many of us, this will be our […]

First Aid App: the Cure for Cabin Fever

Shoveling snow? School closed? Making snow angels? Whether you are heading back into civilization or still hibernating, the American Red Cross First Aid App is an excellent resource for you to have on hand for winter emergencies. The free app includes step-by-step instructions, videos and animations on how to handle a variety of first aid situations, from […]

How Our Preparedness Kit Taught Me to Re-Define Disaster

By Leigh-Anne Dennison, American Red Cross Communicator After moving into our own first house, I brought to a happy corner of our finished basement my ready-made backpack preparedness kit and a large plastic bin. Over the course of a few weeks, as we moved around and unpacked boxes, I filled the bin with all the things […]

5 Cooking Safety Tips to be Thankful For

Written by Greta Gustafson, Media Relations Intern, American Red Cross During my last Thanksgiving at home my family’s tiny kitchen was filled with more than 20 people immersed in the chaos of cooking, snacking and catching up. Among the laughter and conversation, there was a loud crash and a profane exclamation from my dad. Everyone […]

Candy, Costumes and Candles: 6 Tips to Stay Safe this Halloween

Written by Greta Gustafson, Media Relations Intern, American Red Cross  Halloween blends scary and fun together to create the ultimate holiday; candy, ghosts and ghouls, and staying up late are all pretty hard to beat. The best part of Halloween, for me, was always carving Jack-O-Lanterns. As a kid, I remember searching for the perfect pumpkin until my […]

How Fire Sensors are Making a Difference in Kenyan, South African Communities

This post was written by Abi Weaver, Director of the Global Technology Project, American Red Cross. Earlier this year, we extended the American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign overseas. And given this month’s focus on fire prevention, we wanted to update you on our progress. This July, we announced partnerships with two sensor manufacturers—Lumkani and […]