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What ProPublica and NPR Won’t Tell You About the Red Cross

Laura Howe, Vice President, Public Relations ProPublica and NPR have been hyping their sensationalized attack on the Red Cross response to Superstorm Sandy, in distortion-filled stories that are the result of months of reporting that sought only to find negative information. Both of these pieces blatantly disregard the fact that hundreds of thousands of people [...]

American Red Cross Responds to Inaccuracies in ProPublica and NPR Stories

This morning, NPR and ProPublica published stories detailing criticisms of the Red Cross response to Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac. The matrix below documents information provided to these news outlets that was omitted in their reporting.   Myth Fact The American Red Cross cares more about its image and reputation than providing service to those in [...]

2 Minute Fire Drill: Can You Escape?

120 seconds. Two minutes. That’s how much time fire experts agree that you may have to escape a burning home before it’s too late to get out. The Johnson family has the drill down: Did you catch everything they did? Make a fire escape plan with two exits out of every room. Practice your fire [...]

Debunking a Red Cross Ebola Myth

If you’re online regularly, you can see some unusual and often outrageous claims, especially involving big topics in the news. Lately, you may have seen a ridiculous rumor about the Red Cross purposely spreading Ebola in African nations. The Red Cross and Red Crescent network across the globe does amazing work to respond to disasters [...]

Home Fire Campaign: Week 1 Wrap Up

The American Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign is striving to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by home fores, and we’ve already made an impact. Over the weekend in Georgia, a Red Cross chapter and Boy Scout Troop went through many neighborhoods,installing fire alarms in the homes that were missing them. Later [...]

Face Your Fears Day: A Confession

My mother likes to tell the story of one summer day when I was about five years old, living in the tiny town of Marengo, Ohio. It was a windy day – enough to move the tree branches and leaves, but not enough to indicate a storm or any other danger. Mom recounts how I [...]

Fire Alarm Fails: Part 1, Dance Party

We all remember those times a shrill, repetitive alarm interrupted a normal day — you burn your dinner, and the smoke alarms go off. You’re in a high school English class, and have to trudge outside in the rain for a fire drill. No matter if it’s a minor mishap or a drill, what a [...]

Quiz: Are You Prepared for a Home Fire?

The stats seem dire: 7 people die and 36 people are injured every single day from home fires. Over $7 billion in property damage occurs each year due to home fires. We all learned “stop, drop and roll” if you are on fire, but what else can we do to prepare for the worst? This [...]

Fall Favorites in the New Season

It’s the first day of fall in 2014, and even if you’re sad the temperature is dropping, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Here are some things we’re really looking forward to this season. Let us know if we forgot anything! Visiting a local farm to pick pumpkins and apples. Picking out the [...]

Living in the Unknown

I was devastated when I learned about the outbreak of the King Fire and the mind blowing increase in size. I grew up in Pollock Pines and Placerville, CA, so all of the areas that are burning are my childhood stomping grounds. Some of the shelters that housed local residents were located in local schools…schools [...]