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No Stopping Us: Millennials Give Back and Get Ahead

Sometimes it’s easy to miss what’s right under your nose. Whether you’re a high school student looking for activities to give back or boost your college application, or away at college looking for that one way to have a lasting impact outside the classroom, the American Red Cross has a ton of opportunities across the [...]

Thank You, Volunteers, for Time Alone with My Thoughts

For the most part, I spend my days on the go with nary a free minute to stop and think, at least not about anything except what I’m doing at that moment and the very next task on my to-do list. Yesterday my to-do list included donating blood. I donate blood because it saves lives, [...]

Coping with the Fort Hood Tragedy

This post was co-written written by Liz Fielden, Associate and Diane Manwill, LPC LMFT LCPC-S, Senior Associate, Mental Health for Services to the Armed Forces department at the National Headquarters in DC.  In the wake of yesterday’s tragic event at Ft. Hood, Texas, our hearts go out to all members of the military community stationed [...]

An Unexpected Consequence of Disaster Planning

That’s a pretty downer blog title, right? With the two moderate earthquakes that hit Southern California this in the past few weeks, I was asked to write a blog post about earthquake preparedness – the task seemed simple enough until my husband and I started diving into some serious planning questions. I went through the [...]

“Heads Together” in Haiti

This post was written by Jonathan Garro, an Information Analyst for the American Red Cross who traveled to Haiti in mid-March.   My first visit to Haiti came four years after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and forced more than 1.5 million people into camps. Of course I’d heard much about [...]

My Everyday Heroes

On March 1st, President Barack Obama proclaimed March as Red Cross Month across the United States. The annual Presidential Proclamation, which President Franklin D. Roosevelt began in 1943, highlights the month in a way that allows the organization to publically thank Americans for their past support, promote existing Red Cross programs and services, and recruit [...]

Before You Take A Dip, Here’s some safety tips

 By Peter Wernicki, MD American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council As an orthopedic surgeon, I see plenty of people who injure themselves in and around water on their vacations. There are the typical slips and falls around pools and the joint and muscle tears from water injuries. I know that when good times aren’t safe [...]

What to Do After an Earthquake

Here’s advice from the Red Cross for steps to take after an earthquake occurs: After an earthquake, the disaster may continue. Expect and prepare for potential aftershocks, landslides or even a tsunami. Tsunamis are often generated by earthquakes. Each time you feel an aftershock, drop, cover and hold on. Aftershocks frequently occur minutes, days, weeks and even [...]

Remembering Japan

Milestones are funny things – sometimes they’re cause for celebration, sometimes for reflection. For me, the anniversary of the Japan earthquake and tsunami is always for reflection. I was getting ready to go to bed (I think it was sometime near 11pm)…the TV suddenly snapped into a breaking news story. I hopped on Twitter to [...]

Nurse Assistant Training Provides Pathway to a New Career

This post is from Jai Nassim While most people were dreaming of tropical weather, I plunged deeper into the Polar Vortex this winter on a trip to Ohio for a video project with our partner Walmart that will highlight the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training program. During my trip, I got to meet and interview [...]