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Sully Film Features Red Cross Volunteers

Who remembers the plane that had an emergency landing on the Hudson River in 2009? Now, do you happen to remember what most of the survivors and crew were wrapped in after they safely exited the plane and got on dry land? Red Cross blankets, of course! A film directed by Clint Eastwood revisiting “the […]

Red Cross Offers Disaster Spiritual Care to Flood Survivors in Louisiana

For the past 17 years, Tim Serban has served as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. Yet, he doesn’t deliver food, water nor even relief supplies like thousands of his volunteer counterparts across the country who drop everything in times of crisis to help those in need. Instead, he provides help through spiritual care. […]

Ryan Yamane: Telling the Stories of Wildfire Survivors

Post written by Red Cross mental health worker Ryan Yamane. Ryan also currently represents the 37th State House District in the Hawaii House of Representatives. On June 27, I turned on the local news showing the devastation of the California wildfires. Twenty-four hours later, I was on a flight to help those families impacted by the Erskine Fire […]

This Volunteer Left a Promising Career to Help Save Lives

A version of this post originally appeared on the Western New York chapter‘s blog. By Grace Carnall, Communications Intern You’ve heard money doesn’t equal happiness. But have you taken the risk to test this theory? Daniel Lopez did. Daniel left Puerto Rico to seek out new beginnings with only seven dollars in his pocket, headed to Buffalo, […]

Reaching Out to Orlando

A few hours after watching the horrific events unfold this past Sunday, the Greater New York Red Cross Regional CEO Josh Lockwood boarded a plane for Orlando to support the Red Cross response. Josh is assisting regional Red Cross leadership in Central Florida and dozens of volunteers as they work to provide comfort, compassion and […]

How This 92-Year-Old Red Cross Volunteer Helps Servicemembers

Mrs. Lina Czubas has been a Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces volunteer for 60 years. She’s still serving at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at 92! Can you out-pin Lina? Lina began her service as a military spouse in 1956 at Fort Dix in New Jersey. As wife to an Army military […]

Giving Back Gives Friendships

A version of this post originally appeared on Gold Country News and Notes. Jess Chairez and Marcus Heningburg met through the Red Cross. They drive the emergency response vehicle together, and have developed a friendship that both are grateful for. For Chairez, joining the Red Cross was a way to recover after the loss of […]

Throwback for National Donut Day: Donut Dolly, Kathy Hoff

A version of this post originally appeared on News from the Kentucky Region, written by Lauren Thomas. Happy National Donut Day! If you’ve never heard of Red Cross Donut Dollies, you’re in for a treat! (That is, unless you’ve already snagged a donut today. Then this is treat number two.) From her time as a Red […]

Red Cross Volunteer Nurses Serve Across the World with Armed Forces

We tip our hats to nurses everywhere for National Nurses Week, but couldn’t help calling out some fantastic nurses serving with our Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) department. These volunteer Red Cross nurses demonstrate the same compassion for the military community first demonstrated by Clara Barton during the Civil War. They carry on her legacy […]

Providing an Emergency Message for One of Our Own

Many people aren’t aware that assisting the U.S. military through the Service to Armed Forces (SAF) program is a Red Cross core service. Providing assistance to the armed forces for more than 100 years, the Red Cross takes pride in being that direct link between service members and their families. Emergency communications is one of the activities […]