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HOW TO: Become a Red Cross Volunteer

Note: This post has been updated to provide accurate, current information.

Have you ever wondered exactly how you can become one of the volunteers who carry out 90 percent of the humanitarian work of the American Red Cross?

Here are step-by-step instructions for joining the club:

  1. Watch this New Employee and Volunteer Orientation.
  2. Learn about the many ways to volunteer.
  3. Find your closest local chapter by entering your zip code on our volunteer page.
  4. Contact that chapter by phone, email, or in-person visit.
  5. Say, “How do I sign up to be a volunteer?”
  6. Your chapter will have you fill out some basic paperwork. You’ll tell them what your interests are, and you’ll evaluate your commitment level together.

Read some inspiring stories of other Red Cross volunteers — we can’t wait to work with you!

You can also take this short quiz, which could direct you to some lesser-known volunteer opportunities.

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  1. Hi, I would like to become a red cross volunteer. I love
    helping people. I live in South Africa

  2. To those concerned,

    I am a 62 year old healthy women, who would like to help out in disastrous situations. I connect easily with people from all cultures. I am responsible and work hard to help others. If there are training programs I would gladly take those.. Please let me know what opportunities are out there and what to expect?
    Best regards,
    Louise Tower

  3. Hi…I am 37 year old women. I would like to become a red croos volunteer.I would like to help out in disaster situation and helping people in conflix country like timor laste and sudan.I connext easily with people.If there are trining programs i would gladly take those.Please let me know what opportunities are out there and what to cexpect.

  4. How much experience does one need with the red cross before one can become an international delegate?

  5. I am a 54 year old healthy women, who would like to help out. I connect easily with people from all cultures. I am responsible and work hard to help others. If there are training programs I would gladly take those.. Please let me know what opportunities are out there and what to expect?Best regards

  6. I live in San Diego ca vicinity I am heathly and resourceful-
    I’d like to learn the skills that it would take to become
    a local and/or national emergency VOLUNTEER red Cross

  7. Hi name is rebaone from south africa I’m 33 yrs old healthy and resourceful young men who like to help out. I’d like to learn the skills that would make me became a local/ natinal or international emergency volunteer red cross worker. I have completed my (BAA). If there are tranning programs I would gladly take those.

  8. I would really like to be a redcross vollunteer to help while gaining experiece aswell helping people is my passion and unlike sitting at home doing nothing i can give back and use my time produc

  9. Iam a 51 year old man who would like to become an international delegate.How much experience does one need with the red cross.

  10. Greetings, my name is Moana Yangitemai. I am twenty one years old and I have always wanted to be a part of the American Red Cross. I am a young women who believe’s that lending a hand, reaching out,showing kindness and just helping those in need is what will make a difference in our world. I like to believe that I put others before myself and that I can be of great help…I do not have any experience in any medical field, but I am however; great with kids and easy to get along with……………….I have always loved the American Red Cross and hope that one day I am a part of an amazing community like it….

  11. I want to be a volunteer. Is there any such opportunity in which I can work from home. I have had about it from someone.

  12. For so many years, 15 to be exact. Soup kitchens, food share, food and clothes distribution, We love doing this,We are used to people in trouble and so want to be part of this.WE help in the winter doing over flow shelters as they sleep safe and in peace. We payed about it helping, following Gods lead,So here we are, So I hope you consider us, thank you, praying for a reply. thank you so much Please reply…..thank you./
    Betty Geary

  13. Third time i have written here and it goes blank. Make’s it difficult to to reply to you. for some reason it goes blank..I hope your company will correct, in need.soup and ly all your needs., blessings for the work you do.We prayed about this and red cross kept coming back in our thoughts and red cross,to my mind,Often……God bless you and If you don’t get , well I really tried. thank yu

  14. I will like to be American red Cross volunteer because I love helping people and I am a Registered Nurse with 35years experience in all areas of nursing management and licensed in Nigeria -Africa. I am a volunteer Hiv/Aids counselor,and Sickle cell Disease councelor.Relocated to USA as Lawful Permanent Resident living in DallasTx 75231. Mobile phone.[redacted]

  15. I’m Emmanuella Anani from Ghana and I’m in Volta region please we need your help to support the street children and the charities. Thank you

  16. am very appreciate the way red croos doing their activities.most of their activities is humanity work.I like it.pls I need more develope about first aid.tnx.

  17. I would like to join the member of American red cross . I would like to learn and help as volunteers

  18. Thanks so much for wanting to join us! You can sign up to volunteer at redcross.org/volunteer.

  19. Hi Portia, thank you so much for wanting to join us. The best way to do so is to go to redcross.org/volunteer to sign up and get started.

  20. i live in Ghana. am grateful for ur humanitarian jobs to the world. i wish to offer my part by joining you. thank you

  21. Good evening
    am also red cross from Congo am here in south Africa i want to continue here in SOUTH AFRICA what I can do?

  22. I would like to participate in different occasions of volunteering in my country hw can I do it

  23. I am Titus by name. Pls how do I contribute my little quota in helping the society through voluntary means under the Red Cross platform. I’m highly interested and I’ve been seeking this for a long time now

  24. I humble wish to become one of the volunteer of red Cross.

  25. Hey?? I would like to be one of the red cross volunteers,,,,,I had a dream of this and still dreams of it,,,,, please help if you can,,,,I look forward for a positive response,,,

  26. Good day I am Gr educator working in a special school with cerebral palsied learners with barriers looking for an opportunity facilitating and lecture teachers ,parents,therapists community creches and institutions about inclusive teaching in school,creches,hospitals and institutions where learners needs support and is not able to attend school due to physical barriers or learning barriers. I am able to adapt any learning program according learners barriers and needs. I am willing to volunteer during school holidays free of charge and would like to extend this in the broader community. I also lecture at WCED offices and schools during school holidays.
    Thank you
    Eleanor Williams

  27. Hi, I will highly appreciate becoming a volunteer for red cross around the world I live Monrovia,Liberia , but how do I start the process

  28. I am a 38years old man currently serving in the Army. I would like to work as a volunteer in conflict countries like DR Congo, Central Africa Republic etc, to help people in disaster situation. Please let me know available opportunities and what to expect. My regards

  29. It is my dream to help people in need, from my youth. I there was a way to get me a way to become a volunteer here in RWANDA, it would be my life satisfaction.
    I am a refugee from Burundi

  30. Is it proper that I should have to go through a background check and be asked to upload my ID and give my social security number to become a volunteer?

  31. Yes , name is sarah brewer iam interested in becoming a volunteer for the red cross for. Nacogdoches county an some of the suroh ding area i live in cushing. What inspired me was we had to torndas hit alto tx. I love to help an can learn new things or the natural disaster team i just want to. Help some how.

  32. Is always my wish to volunteer in helping the vulnerable and I’ve been working towards it.

  33. It has being my ernest desire to work for this organization due to my compassion toward humanity and the well being of my nation and the world at large.

  34. I would like to join red cross. And to become a volunteer and l have international caregiver certificate.