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Your Mobile Giving by State

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You can donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999.

Basic info about this mobile giving program:

We have received more than $3 million as of 9 a.m. EST – through a third party mobile fundraising effort to support our relief efforts in Haiti.

100% of the donations will go to support the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

  • The mobile fundraising effort launched on January 12, approximately three hours after the earthquake struck Haiti. The program is powered by Mobile Accord and the MGive Foundation in coordination with the U.S. State Department as part of its ongoing support of this disaster response.
  • We are grateful this mobile fundraising opportunity, and for the support of the State Department and other government leaders to draw attention to this important program (and thousands of tweeters!)
  • The needs in Haiti are tremendous and we want to thank the people who continue to donate and help the American Red Cross meet that need. Raising this amount of money $10 at a time is a true testament to the American spirit.
  • People who want to help those affected by the Haitian earthquake can also make a donation to the American Red Cross International Response Fund at Redcross.org or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.
  • Donors using this technology may opt in to receive future updates, but will not be solicited again without this consent nor will their personal information be shared with other organizations.
  • An average of 91 cents of every dollar the American Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs.

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  1. Thank you. This is a wonderful way to be able to help for those of us who say we will write a check “later” and then “later” never comes.

  2. Hi – I just donated via text and encouraged my friends to do so. One friend raised a concern that the texted money will take up to 90 days to reach Haitians in need. Can you address that? I’d like to pass the information along. Thanks so much for all of your efforts!

  3. I tried to text Haiti to 90999 and recieved a message saying that the shortcode has expired. Did my payment go through?

  4. My family and friends received assistance from the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi MS. I am grateful for being able to give back by using this mobile method. Prayers to all affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Safety to all response teams.

  5. I think it is great what you guys are doing! When there is a crisis we all have to come together.

  6. Hello.
    I tried to text Haiti to 9099 but it does not seem to be working. A text came back and said this is an ivalid shortcut. Has something changed or is this just my phone carrier, SPRINT?


  7. Thank you for undertaking this effort ! What a great idea this is. The whole catastrophe in Haiti is just heart-wrenching. I truly hope some good comes of this for all the people of Haiti – they’ve already lived a rough life…

  8. ~~ Warning ~~There are some **false points** in this message of texting and about JetBlue, American Airlines and UPS – pls read to **get truth** from the organisations mentioned…

  9. i just sent an SMS to 90999 with the word “Haiti”
    but.. they returned me a message saying “The shortcode you are attempting to use has expired and is no longer a valid shortcode. Msg 1051”
    is there anything needs to be fixed?

  10. This is definitely a great way to contribute to the Haitian people that are suffering.

  11. Is this still possible if you are in Canada? The canadian red cross site is not displaying this option?

  12. I donated via text but I’m curious as to how Red Cross will get my $10. Can someone from Red Cross please respond with how does that $10 get to Red Cross and how soon will it be used to purchase supplies? Because technically, if I’m paying an extra $10 on my next month’s bill…how did Red Cross get/will get that money? I can’t imagine that Red Cross in a matter of days worked out some agreement with all cell carriers in the world. Anyone?

  13. Thanks for your comment. The mobile fundraising effort was launched on January 12, approximately three hours after a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. The program is powered by Mobile Accord and the MGive Foundation in coordination with the U.S. State Department as part of its ongoing support of this disaster response. The MGive Foundation has been working with cell phone carriers for quite a while on mobile giving, so it wasn’t actually too difficult to set up in these circumstances.

  14. Time is definitely of the essence and while relief may be coming by air and sea, you hit it right on the nail with texting. There are still additional things Americans can do but as we get our bearings together to gather donations or have fundraisers $10 / text can be sending what is needed right away.

  15. Donate using text Haiti @90999 for $10. this is better than sending clothes and other items. They will not reach Haiti for a long time.
    Money is the best and fastest method to help the people in Haiti immediately. Please help now. I have text money several times.

  16. Text the word “ Haiti” to 45678 (In Canada Only)
    On behalf of the Salvation Army in Canada

  17. Please post a mail in address to send a check for donations. Not all people have web access, cell phones or credit cards. My mom wants to donate and mail a check but to where?????

  18. The texting can be sent from Puerto Rico, please include Puerto Rico in the map to know how much has been given from over here…

  19. It doesn’t matter if your specific $10 goes to Haitian relief. The Red Cross will spend the money it needs to spend at the time, and donations can be used to replenish the coffers. So GIVE. It’s easy!

  20. I gave through my phone and within the hour got a text asking me to respond with the word YES to confirm the donation.

    Is this a safe text from the ARC or some unknown source with less than honorable intentions?

    I hate to have to ask this question at such a tragic time but this is the world we live in.

    My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. Many thanks to the relief workers. May you have strength.

  21. Thank you Ms. Huang for posting that answer because I was wondering the same thing and was worried that a portion would be deducted by a third party for fees. Good to know that the State Department is involved. I will send a few donations now.

  22. I also believe that in a disaster like this (I had family in New Orleans who lost everything during Katrina) even if the money takes months to arrive, they will need help for a long time to come!

  23. I did not hesitate into giving $10. My grandmother just passed away yesterday and I was not able to see her. My parents are away in Mexico, I am glad that they were with her in her last days. We are having trouble with keeping our house I can’t imagine for the people of Haiti. I had to tell my brothers of the death of grandma. So much heartbreak for us and I can’t just not help others too. Jobs come and go here, yeah we might have troubles but we are together. Lety Avila

  24. My company Stanley Works matches what I give to the Red Cross. Does anyone know where to sned the verification form?
    Julie S

  25. I am a Red Cross Volunteer and I think this project is great!!! I have already contacted my local chapter to notified them that I am available if needed to go to Haiti. I am Also a USArmy vet, so I challenge alll vets. out there to do the same!!!

  26. This is such a great way for people to donate money. Everyone in this day uses text message and what better cause for the cost of the text than for victims of Haiti. I prayed and ask GOD what I could do and for him to show me and shortly after I prayed the message about send a text message and the monies will go to the victims of Haiti was announced on the radio. GOD is an awesome GOD. I told my mom about it and though she doesnt text she told me to do it for her as well and that is exactly what I am going to do. Through the GRACE of GOD “And this to shall pass”

  27. It gives me great joy to be able to donate to people who really need our help. My prayers are with all of my brothers and sisters of Haiti and all across the world. Keep your head up to the sky. ***Peace and Love***

  28. Bishop Walter L. Dixon’s Exclusive Live Prayer For Haiti Families Who Lost Love Ones.

    Bishop Dixon Want the families of Haiti to know…..As you walk through this storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark.

    At the end of this storm you will find that it was “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” that carried you when you couldn’t carry yourself.

    May God Continue To Bless The American Red Cross And The Families Of Haiti.

    Bishop Walter L. Dixon
    Forgiviness Missionary Church Of Christ, Inc.
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083


  29. This is a greatt idea for collecting aid, Congratulation.
    We experienced a tremendous desaster in Bosnian war in Sarajevo and without help from humanitarian organisations from all over the world we could not be able to survive. .
    We whish all the best to the people of Haiti.

  30. So thankful to see people coming together to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. Text the word “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross. You will get a confirmation in just a few minutes.

  31. hi im from puerto rico, plz i saw this service @ my work place, plz give more promo by the media here on the caribe!

    por favooooor mas promocion en los media de puerto rico, me parece una genial idea usar las redes wireless para estos servicios…

    fuy voluntario para katrina y me apena mucho no poder viajar al haiti de voluntario, esperooo q almenos con mis 10$ de donacion ayuden a varias personas

  32. I don’t have a text plan so every text message I send or receive costs me $0.20. After I sent my initial text message to donate the $10, I received 4 messages back from Redcross! The 1st message asked me to text the word “yes” to confirm the donation. The 2nd message told my donation went through. The 3rd message informed me I could donate a maximum of $30. The 4th message asked if I would like future text correspondences from Redcross! Sending 2 messages and receving 4 messages cost me $1.20! I would rather have that money goes toward helping Haiti! Redcross, please stop sending those irrelevant/soliciting texts. If I want to help further, I know how to get in touch. Now I am afraid to text additional $10 donations. I was planning on donating $100 or the maximum allowed. Thanks for listening.

  33. This is the best use of technology that I’ve seen in quite a while. Please be mindful of people that post their own fundraising efforts in these comments, the Haitian families do not deserve to be taken advantage of during this extraordinary time of need.

    Keep up the great work. D

  34. In response to mk’s question about how the mobile text donation works, see the link below for the MGive Foundation. Basically, the phone carrier adds the donation to your bill and passes it on to the Red Cross.


  35. I just looked at the mobil giving map…come on country this is so easy to give. I am about to loose my job in an area in Calif. with unemployement near 25%but I still will have it so much easier than those who have lost everything…10 dollars is not that much.
    Please give to these poor people!

  36. my prayers go out to those who are suffering from a love one lost or injured. God has the only answer for us to why this happened. put in all in his hands and he will take care of all.. he will not forsake or deny us. pray for one another and hope for the best.

  37. Great effort, I donated through text message, looking at the map I don’t see Puerto Rico, a lot of my friends donated.

  38. im a teenager who barely found out about this tragic accident. im going to try to convince my parents to let me donate 10$ and tonight im going to pray for every person who has passed, people who are still fighting, and the people who are doing whatever they can to help this cause. Thank you family!

  39. Just to make sure that what am I about to do is right, In the “To:” secction on the phone you enter the number “90999” then where “I” write, I enter the word ‘Haiti”? Is this correct? I just want to make sure what am I supost to do, because I’m going to do some flyers in Spanish so more people can donate now that Haiti need it.

  40. Please give me a snail mailing address so I can write a check for the Haiti relief fund. I don’t do any monies online.

  41. Ok.. I just donated via text and I get a message immediately back saying that my Carrier (Cincinnati Bell wireless) is NOT PARTICIPATING.

    What the frell????

    Ok.. I am going to give them a piece of my mind..!

  42. How long does it take for the funds to get to the Red Cross, let alone Haiti? The MGive site says 90 days. That’s completely unacceptable…and why isn’t anyone making notifying the public?

  43. Jim – Here is a general explanation: the American Red Cross pledges a certain amount of money to go to relief in Haiti immediately, which is supported by existing funds as well as the amount of donations coming in. We then adjust the amount of money pledged partially based on how much is being donated. Basically, your donation is helping the Red Cross back up its pledges. The amazing response we have already received means that we will certainly allocate more money towards relief as we find out more about what is most badly needed. Hope this helps…

  44. Thanks for providing a convenient way to give. Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti.

  45. Just checked. Here’s the information directly from the mGive site:

    How long does it take for a donor’s gift to reach the intended cause or charity?
    The distribution of funds is based on the quarterly carrier payout schedule. Every 90 days the carriers disburse the funds generated from your mobile donation campaign to The mGive Foundation which then passes those funds along to your organization along with a detailed remittance report for each donation campaign you have.


    Time for the press, and public, to pay a little more attention to the details.

  46. I text to 90999 the word Haiti but has not received an txt message back. Did my donation go through I am with VZW.

  47. Never mind I see my mistake I one to many 9 when I text. I just confirmed my donation.

  48. I tried to text “Haiti” to 90999 from my Boost Mobile phone and received a reply, “Unfortunately your carrier is not participating in this campaign. You can still donate at RecCross.org”.

  49. I texted from my Sprint phone, it says “The shortcode you are attempting to use has expired and is no longer valid shortcode. Msg 1051”. Did anyone experienced this? If so, please let me know what if any I am doing incorrect or Sprint is not partnering with this?

  50. I think this way of donating is just wonderful and so simple. Every contribution helps and I pray for all involved in this tragedy. Thank you red cross!

  51. So many people think about donating, and never get around to it (like myself). This is a GREAT way to make it basically effortless for people who really want to help people in need. There is no excuse when using this brilliant system of donating! Some people send hundreds of texts a day, so take 10 seconds to send one for others in desperate need.

  52. I donated and it literally took seconds to do! Please twitter and facebook this message to get the word out. I told my friends on FB that they should skip out on going out to lunch today and instead donate $10. Those people seriously need it more than we do.

  53. Does the Text ‘Haiti’ to 90999 from cell phone Red Cross support for Haiti work if I send a text from cell network in Europe?

  54. So I text Haiti 90999 and I didn’t get a response…is anything else supposed to happen?

  55. This is a great way to donate but be aware if you do not have a text messaging plan, you will be bombarded with texts from the red cross after you donate and will have to pay for each individual message in addtion to your donation.

  56. Local Las Vegas radio station was really advertising the mobile pledge ability and I pledged right away, it was simple and the best part as I am able I can donate instantly without any concerns. I hope the people of Las Vegas will pledge more.

  57. […] How to help Haiti from your cell phone 2010 January 15 tags: help Haiti by louwho You can donate $10.00 to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999. It’s that simple, but check below to be sure your cell phone provider is participating. Ask your parents permission first if you don’t pay your own cell phone bill. 100% of the donation will go to support the relief efforts in Haiti. You can check out the giving state by state on the American Red Cross blog. […]

  58. I posted this information this morning on Facebook, so awareness will continue to grow, and many more will Text their donations! God bless you!


  60. I just tried to text to 90999 but i got a message back saying that the shortcode has expired and is no longer valid. anyone else having this problem?

  61. Gloria, that may be a perfectly legitimate answer, and I commend the ARC for its extraordinary efforts in Haiti, but why not be a bit more transparent. Just tell us what happening with our money before we feel the need to investigate the actual process. It may be convenient for a lot of people but if the phone companies (among others e.g., the mobile giving foundation–who are they?) are acting as an intermediaries, I would rather give online and get the money directly to your bank account. Just a thought.

  62. When I try to text Haiti to 90999, I get a text back that says the short code has expired.

  63. Jim – Thanks for your thoughts on this – we are always trying to improve how transparent we are about our processes. Your point is well taken, and I will certainly personally keep this in mind in the future. This was the first time we have tried a mobile giving campaign of this scale and of course, we alway welcome feedback. Thanks again,


  64. When the Philippines was struck with catastrophic back-to-back typhoons last year, the Red Cross was there for my home country. This is my simple way of giving back, and thanking all the heroic men and women of this organization. God bless all of you for allowing us to have this opportunity to help others.

  65. Jade was right. To donate via text cost the user an additional $1.20 in text fees (for those without a text plan). You should donate to the Red Cross through traditional means (i.e. by check or credit card through their web site) — tack on an extra 1.20 to your donation so they get the money and not your cell carrier.

  66. I’ve just donated. 🙂 I would imagine that the major phone companies will be sending the money now and charging us on our next bill. My main concern is, how soon will the Red Cross get the donations?

  67. For people wanting to donate with no option but by mail, please post an address here/ on news …. not everyone has other acess. These people don’t have alot themselves but some are still willing to respond to disaster. Please help them help others…it’s important to them and everyone.

  68. For those receiving error messages, I just donated and received immediate confirmation (Sprint network).

  69. am looking for this family First name Nicola Last name Jean Pierre. 3 kids,and 5 more person that living with this family First name Magalitte Last name Toussaint,….please let me know any information…my Contact is 267-984-1376 and am Saudel

  70. how do i know if my donation went through without a confirmation text? donated over an hour ago and still haven’t gotten anything back??

  71. When texting 90999 u have 2 put HAITI in the reply… U will then recieve a text asking you to confirm your $10 donation.

  72. I texted Haiti to 90999 at 6:32 PST this morning but have not received a response of any kind. It shows that it was sent but how can I verify it was received. I can’t afford to keep retrying in case it actually went through.

    Also! I have shared this on my photography website and on Facebook. Through 1/31/2010, all proceeds I receive from the sale of my photography from http://photographybyautumneden.shutterfly.com will be donated to ARC for Haiti relief efforts. Find me on Facebook for more information.

    Autumn Eden

  73. I truly hope Mobile Accord is not taking too much of the $10. I know they need to make a profit but I hope it is minimal, not 25%.

  74. doesn’t work as the subject- keyword invalid notice. i’m with at&t…..i’m confused!

  75. Just donated my $10. Response was instant from my carrier. So easy! And so well worth it!

  76. To Ted and Jade, this may have not been broadcasted before you sent those messages but the news just reported that there are no text messaging charges for this services. Your account, if your service is provided by an American cell phone company, will not be charged for messages containing donations to this service. Hope this helps!


  78. Thank goodness the word is getting out about this. Send out emails, texts, tweets, facebook, myspace… HOWEVER! Just get out the word. Prayers are coming your way Haiti.

    Something is better then nothing. Thank you for getting this together.

  79. I received a text message from Red Cross saying that my donation has been received and I would not receive anymore messages. But, about 10 minutes later I received another message saying it may take up to 48 hours to register my donation on my mobile account. I have received that message 12 times already! Is this happening to anyone else?

  80. When my boyfriend donated via texting 90999, he immediately received TEN texts confirming his donation and other informational texts back from the Red Cross…he is now very annoyed that so many texts came back that he said he will never donate that way again. He finally just turned his phone off. I’m afraid that others are getting the same texts back and won’t donate ever again. Is there a way for the Red Cross to NOT DO THIS?!? Its doing more harm than good.

  81. I spent a long time on the phone with Sprint. The text message donations aren’t working because they are overwhelmed with them…. that a great thing! keep trying. obviously off hours will work best! thanks to all that care!

  82. Thank you for doing this. I don’t have charge cards but wanted to help. Thanks again,

  83. To fix the problem for the expired shortcode message, call your mobile phone company. I called and it turned out that my number had been blocked from using shortcodes. They said that this is the issue for many experiencing this problem. Hope this helps

  84. I donated… I heard a story on WWJ (my local radio station) about a father carrying his young child from the rubble of their home. She had a fractured scull and two broken legs and they were seeking help. What if this were you and your child.

  85. What GUARANTEE are you offering the public that you will give all the money to Haiti? You BLEW it with 911 and had alot of excuses for why victims of 911 didn’t get the money. PLEASE set a new standard for your organization. I did not donate to you and selected Doctors Without Borders instead because you have lost credibility in my eyes.

  86. Sure, donate $10 to the cause, 7 cents ends up in Haiti…when will you learn? Didn’t our own natural disaster of Katrina teach any of you?

  87. Snowman – An average of 91 cents of every dollar the American Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs. Additionally, all of the funds raised from texts to 90999 will go to Haiti relief, not our International Response Fund.

  88. @ Jade: the messages I received from 90999 said they were free messages, and I think the messages I had to send also were. So I don’t think you will incurr that $1.20 you mentioned.

  89. […] Or donate to American Red Cross by texting “Haiti” on your mobile phone to 90999 and $10 will be added to your next monthly phone bill (see Red Cross’ blog post about this program here). […]

  90. SPRINT USERS! I just called Sprint, and the reason we are getting invalid and error messages when texting 90999 and typing Haiti is because as a service to You, the customer, they block all shortcodes so that you are not bothered with incoming shortcodes (spam). I called Sprint, they took the block off while I text 90999 and typed Haiti and I then DID get a confirmation that i donated. It’s an extra step, but I do Appreciate Sprint for blocking those in the first place.

  91. be careful to put 3 9s on that. 90999 not 9099. there is a lot on tne internet about random texts and scams from 9099.

  92. Shortcode has expired. Sorry Haiti and Red Cross. Saw it on superbowl but not working.

  93. Cellphones will change the country if they’re accessible to everyone financially. Think about each and every male and women, possessing a private cellular phone; By the Way, I like this site. I discovered it on Yahoo. I might come back and write some more.

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  95. This is evidence that humans still have goodness in their hearts, while their brothers in need, help no matter how small would be very valuable for those affected by disaster, salute to all who still have a concern in their hearts

  96. Mobile giving is going to be the future of donations. The red cross is the one that needs to take the lead on this because in my opinion they are the most honest charity out there and they help so many many people