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In California, Louder Calls to Prepare for Quakes

“Seismologists say a major earthquake is almost a certainty in coming decades, given the region’s seismic history. But a recent study by the California Emergency Management Agency found the majority of the state’s households failing to meet recommendations for many basic emergency needs, like stockpiling water (a minimum of three gallons per person), reinforcing their homes and making disaster plans.
A radon detector for earthquake prediction
“A group of physicists, led by physics Nobel laureate Georges Charpak, has developed a new detector that could measure one of the more testable earthquake precursors – the suggestion that radon gas is released from fault zones prior to earth slipping.
Americans get set for disaster day

“While there have always been people who have anticipated and prepared for disaster, “prepping” as a discernable movement has emerged only in the last 18 months, with the growth of online prepper networks and blogs.

Iceland Volcano Erupts With Stunning Aurora Backdrop

” Photographer Albert Jakobsson knows how to be in the right place at the right time. He was on hand at the latest eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjajokull volcano over the weekend just as Earth was being slammed with the strongest geomagnetic storm in three years. The result: lava meets heavenly bliss as a ribbon of green aurora ripples above Eyjafjajokull’s fire fountains.

Where 2.0 2010: “Haiti: CrisisMapping the Earthquake”
Fascinating presentation from Jeffrey Johnson (Open Solutions Group), John Crowley (STAR-TIDES) and Schuyler Erle (SimpleGeo).

Survey for 18-24 year olds about blood donation

Take the survey, win a $25 gift certificate. Masters candidate Tracey Gould has also promised to donate 1 pint of blood for every survey received…as of right now, she’ll be giving blood for 6 straight years. Now THAT’s commitment!

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