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American Red Cross Offers Aid to Central America after Tropical Storm Agatha

A deluge of rain from tropical storm Agatha has flooded communities and caused hundreds of landslides in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. In response, Red Cross volunteers and experts are now assisting tens of thousands of people that have been displaced.

Soon after the rain began, more than one thousand responders with the Red Cross were called to action. They are helping their neighbors to relocate to safer areas, providing them with food and other relief supplies, and monitoring and evaluating the damage to impacted areas.

Meanwhile, in response to a request from the affected Red Cross societies, the American Red Cross plans to provide jerry cans, blankets, kitchen sets, and hygiene kits valued at $80,000, and is sending an additional $100,000 in financial assistance to support the relief operation.

“Our multiple responses to Haiti, Chile and other disasters this year show the value of our global network,” says Guillermo Garcia, American Red Cross regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean. “Red Cross responders are already on the ground, responding immediately to local needs, while we are able to provide support as needed.”

As the rain continues, it will likely cause more rivers to flood, making delivery of food and relief items to affected populations more difficult.

The American Red Cross is monitoring the situation in conjunction with affected Red Cross societies and is ready to assist with additional funding or relief items as needed.