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Draw! Illustrate! Storyhack!

Can you draw the internet? Better yet, can you draw the Red Cross? We’d love to see children and professionals alike attempt to capture the essence of the Red Cross in a drawing, just as they did for the internet. Leave us links to your drawings in the comments.

Can you picture cook? We’ve seen illustrations becoming more and more popular as communications efforts and we’d love to have some of our response recipes and procedures made into nifty one-glance-explains-it-all pictures. Anyone want to give this a try for us? [VOLUNTEER ALERT]

Have you ever heard of storyhacking? Jay Bushman is a “story hacker” and producer of “Twitter theatre”, whose work marries storytelling with new technologies. His latest project is a Twitter adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back. But he has also adapted weightier tomes: the Herman Melville novella Benito Cereno and a modern rendition of Spoon River Anthology in the form of a group blog. He is also planning new versions of Austen and Shakespeare. We think the Red Cross needs its own Jay Bushman. Will you be our Red Cross storyhacker?