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Japanese Red Cross President Konoe

On 11 March, a massive earthquake, measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale, struck Japan’s north-east coast. Then came the tsunami. I felt strong tremors and watched the first television pictures of the remorseless wave breaching our coastal defences and sweeping ships, cars and burning houses across the land. When I reached the disaster area, I was confronted with devastation that defies imagination. This was one of the very worst. The destruction was absolute.

In living memory, this is the first time that the world has experienced such a complex emergency involving tsunami, earthquake and nuclear risks. We need time to process what has happened, although one thing is certain: the thousands of families swept away by the waves are a claim on our conscience.

Japan’s road to recovery will be a long one. But we are deeply touched by the sympathy and goodwill shown across the world. The only response to such tragedy, in the end, is mutual aid and a global spirit of togetherness – in my country, in your country, and in all others. I sincerely appreciate all of your support in the past, the present and the generous help offered for the future. In return for such encouragements, our nation will steadily prove its resilience. And the Red Cross Red Crescent will always stand by those in need.

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  1. Help Us help others !!! please !! is a voice of Humanitarian angel Calling For peace ! … Donate your time and money for this and do not send it, buy medicine and let us know
    on what you can help Us !

    For that, we have design our own protect to donate our time and creativity to re-build Haiti in a fast, but at the same time a safe way to keep live going on .
    we have created a proyect that will activate the economy in the agriculture, factories, and cars manufacturing. We are not trying to get publicity with this email, we just been planing this project since 10 years ago. we have the the way of how to reduce pollution keep paper going on , and everybody will live free of debts but with the fluency of money. Hey ! jesus crist say’s that to be able to receive we must let go just a lit bit !!…… We Need to see our children s grow up, and take care of you guys up there too. For that we need your help, with medicine, block, cement, the gravel, and great blankets for Haitians who are suffering right now out there.

    We do not want neither political or religious view involve on this project. we are telling you guys that we want and must end poverty for the better of human kind !. to live alone and into peace ! .
    we have already people desired to donate their homes to safe potable water. if Haiti is not on conditions yet to produce water, we have a master project to make that happen, but for that we need money to buy it to the companies, and pay for people to produce the agriculture in La República Dominicana an a affordable price and organic. We need money to pay the people to produce tomatoes, onions, peppers, and lot’s of vegetable. We need money to buy Thailand a great rice to cook for Haiti. we take all you want to give us a delegation of about 15 mature Juvenal people who just don’t want more blood on their community and life. we all are tired of seen the new’s everyday and just tragedy ! . we need to breathe for our kids and the brother who is next to us !.

    We need money to buy blocks , but greats one’s like if we are going to build our own home !. For who ?, for brother Haiti who needs us.