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Thank You for Being a Friend

Sunday, August 14th, was the 76th anniversary of National Friendship Day. This special day was established by the United States Congress in 1935 as a day to honor friends and friendships. At the American Red Cross, we could not operate without the support and generosity of our many friends.

Donors. Your humanitarian spirit counteracts the force of disasters that tear through communities across America. You are a true friend and partner of the American Red Cross and we thank you for your generosity.

Partners. How do we prepare for the unthinkable? How do we put people where they need to be so they can do the most good? How do we work within a humanitarian network that touches lives in every part of the world? You are the answer to these questions.

Volunteers. You are the American Red Cross. As a volunteer, you display the selflessness and dedication to humanity that enable us to continue the timeless commitment of this organization. We value your work and it is with deep appreciation that we say thank you for being a friend.

Blood Donors. Every two seconds someone in America needs blood. By supporting the American Red Cross Biomedical Services, you help to ensure that the nation’s blood supply is safe and available to help every individual in need of it. When you help the American Red Cross, you help your family, your community and our country. Thank you for your generosity and friendship.

Compassion for others, thoughtfulness in deed and generosity during times of need are the very essence of what makes the world a better place. Thank you to our many friends for rising to the occasion. You have enabled the American Red Cross to help an individual, a family, a community realize that there is hope.

In honor of National Friendship Day, we salute each of you!