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Merry Everything

When I turn on my car radio in Texas I’m presented with two musical choices: Spanish stations and country stations. My knowledge of the Spanish language is limited to what Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster teach children on Sesame Street – I know the numbers one through 10, the word “agua” (water) and the phrase “vamos a la playa” (we go to the beach) – so I’m lucky I like country music.

When I was growing up my mom listened to the country station and my dad listened to the oldies station, therefore my sister and I also listened to country and oldies. After a few years of exposure to both genres, I developed a preference for country and my sister for oldies. So despite what I might have said during my teenage years (I clearly remember publicly insulting country music at a Girl Scout troop meeting after my mom said she liked it – gee, teenagers are fun), I’m a country fan.

Some of my favorite artists include Rascal Flatts (2011 American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet member), Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, and now…Jenna Christine.

You probably haven’t heard about Jenna Christine…yet. She’s an independent artist, currently based in Orlando, FL, who is about to explode into the country music scene. Both a singer and a song-writer, Jenna Christine has worked in a multitude of different entertainment fields, but has always known that the only way to truly be successful is to follow your dreams and to pursue what makes one happiest in life…and for her, that’s making music.

I’ve been a fan of Jenna Christine’s for a while now, but when I learned of her latest Youtube campaign – 12 Days of Christmas*…and Worthy Causes – I came to admire and appreciate her even more.

This past Saturday, Jenna Christine chose the American Red Cross as her “worthy cause” so that the 1,000+ fans who view each of her videos could learn a little more about the mission of our organization and more specifically, about the need for blood donors. Please take a moment to view Jenna Christine’s American Red Cross tribute video by clicking here or on the image below. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In the name of full disclosure, I should share with you that Jenna Christine is my wonderfully lovely and compassionate sister-in-law. So from our family – mine and Jenna Christine’s – to yours, happy holidays and merry everything.

* The American Red Cross is part of the Red Cross Movement, which has seven overarching principles that guide our services and allow us to help people from all backgrounds. Though the neutrality of the American Red Cross does not allow for the promotion of any specific religious beliefs, the organization strives to include all religions and to allow for the celebration of all religious holidays.