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Dressed to Impress

For the first few years I worked for the Red Cross I didn’t own a single Red Cross shirt. Back then there were very few options available through my chapter beyond the typical Red Cross collared polo shirt, and while there’s nothing wrong with collared polo shirts, they really weren’t my style.

A few years later the Red Cross came out with the Vintage Line, and I just HAD to have one of the army green vintage t-shirts.

The popularity of the new shirts/logo was such that our chapter started purchasing bulk quantities of the shirts in different colors.

“Ooh, white with red trim!”
“Navy blue?! I love navy blue!”
“Finally! A long-sleeved version!”

Knowing my weakness for cute Red Cross clothing, our Health & Safety Department, which coordinated clothing and product sales, started checking with me before they selected and purchased new shirts.

At one point I had more than 20 Red Cross short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, fleeces, hats, scarves, and polo shirts (I had to cave and purchase a polo shirt when I started teaching Health & Safety classes). And while I purged my closet just a bit when we moved, I still have about 10 articles of Red Cross clothing.

My 15-month-old niece is visiting this week, and she’s currently a big fan of wearing adult clothes over her cute little girl dresses and rompers. Once Lily had on a Red Cross t-shirt, Will and Hallie wanted to wear Red Cross t-shirts as well, and before we knew it a Red Cross Fashion Show was unfolding throughout the house.

I don’t wear my Red Cross shirts as often as I used to (when your primary contribution to the Red Cross is writing, it really doesn’t matter what you wear while getting your work done), so I’m thrilled these cuties are enjoying them.