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Jokes About Hurricane Fabio

It’s not everyday that we get to make jokes about Mother Nature’s creation. But now that we know that Hurricane Fabio will not make a significant landfall. We will allow ourselves a little giggle.

A few things that crossed our minds (and a few things we found)…

Fabio was churning in the Pacific….and he couldn’t believe it wasn’t butter

Fabio won’t be sweeping anyone off their feet anytime soon (feel free to determine if we’re referring to the storm or the “other” Fabio)

Fabio: the only storm with good hair

It’s not a hurricane, it’s a Hairicane

Brace yourself for Fabio – or not

Fabio is fading (again, we’ll let you decide which Fabio we’re referring to)

Fabio won’t be rocking any boats

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