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From the Archives

In honor of the season, we bring you a Halloween-themed cover of the Junior Red Cross News from October, 1929. Sent to classrooms across the United States, the Junior Red Cross News first appeared in 1919 and became very popular among American youth.

Junior Red Cross News carried reports of Red Cross youth in other countries, human interest stories, and articles and pictures designed to broaden the knowledge of readers. Later a Spanish edition was issued, in addition to a Braille edition, in order to reach a wider group of young readers. A magazine was published for Red Cross youth until the 1970s.

The American Red Cross formalized the youth program in 1917, the year the United States entered World War I. President Woodrow Wilson called upon American youth to join in the war effort. After the war, Junior Red Cross activities focused on foreign relief and domestic service. In 1929, when this issue came out, there were nearly 7 million elementary and high school pupils enrolled in the Junior Red Cross.

For more information on the many activities and contributions of the Junior Red Cross volunteers over the years, as well as current youth opportunities click here.

Written by Whitney Hopkins