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Tough Room: Being on Fire

This article entitled Report: Most Small Businesses Fail in First 6 Hours of Being on Fire caught my eye this morning. It’s from The Onion.

“For example, a small family-run electronics store in a downtown location with thick, choking smoke raging through its aisles is going to be hard-pressed to compete with the big box stores that have highly competitive prices and aren’t on fire.”

I recently listened to a This American Life episode called Tough Room where Onion staffers explain their cutthroat headline sessions. Which ones get a laugh, which ones get to become articles.  What’s funny and why? Of course this is on my mind when I scroll across the small business on fire headline. It is funny.  Because it is true.

15-40 percent of businesses fail following a natural or manmade disaster.

If you – yes you – work in a business of any size, a school, a community center, or anyplace at all, this is your chance to be a leader. You can sign up for and complete the Red Cross Ready Rating program so that even if your business is on fire it has a good chance of survival.


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