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Weather Happens – Be Prepared

Donna and Sebastian
By Donna Morrissey – Red Cross Communicator

I have spent every summer of my life on Cape Cod. I lived through the Blizzard of ’78 as a 10 year old kid. My mother was home with all 7 of us. My dad took the last bus out of Boston and was stranded in Newton Corner in a hotel with other travelers. When the storm passed I ventured out with my mother and grandmother to get milk for my little sisters who were toddlers. We reached the cash register as the rationing began. One carton of milk per family. The twin babies drank milk .. The rest of us had soda for free. My dad was picked up by the national guard to go to his bank and get cash for residents as there were no ATMs. People were desperate. We knew he had a job to do to help the community during a weather emergency but nonetheless we were scare I have him away from home.

My experience as a kid makes me the adult I am today. I embrace the Red Cross advice. Before the current Blizzard I gathered my ready kit. I have flashlights and batteries. I filled up my car with gas and I have cash on hand in case of wide spread outages. I am prepared with non perishables and recognize communication could be spotty. My family knows where I am and we have a plan.

I am a proud New Englander and weather happens. But I can tell you first hand how important it is to be prepared. It is the Red Cross way.

Right now my condo is rocking. It sounds like a combination of golf balls hitting the walls and occasionally it sounds like a piece of plywood crashing into the side of the house.

We have the heat rocking so if we lose electricity we have extra warmth in the immediate. I have my flashlight, warm clothes and car charger in one place on the ready. I have a bag packed for my beloved dog with food, water and toys. I have a plan I worked on in advance in terms of where I can bring my dog should we have to flee.