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Betcha Never Thought About Preparing for Meteors

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Today’s news about a meteor falling in Russia, injuring hundreds of people, might be the most bizarre headline to wake up to this morning. The video below seems like something right out of an action movie- one of those end-of-the-world deals.

I’m not the paranoid type, but I do believe a whole bunch in being prepared and staying calm during emergencies. If anything, I’m glad that this strange event has given me a chance to do a little research and think through what I’d do! Here are my top three tips:

  1. Move away from those windows! It’s been reported that many of the injuries being reported were the result of windows shattering and shards cutting people nearby. This was a result of the sonic boom caused by the meteor moving into the atmosphere faster than the speed of sound (wow).
  2. Have basic first aid tips readily available. I would definitely make use of the First Aid app on my phone, which makes it possible for me to load up instructions on treating any cuts or broken bones.
  3. Move to the bottom floor of a building. Just as you should move to the bottom floor to lessen the chances of getting in the way of a tree falling on your house during a severe storm, you should also try to get out of the way of any falling debris from the meteor. I would also try to cover my head to avoid head injury. Maybe I’ll get a Space Helmet to stay on theme.

Anyway, given that another encounter with space is happening this afternoon, here’s to being prepared! Happy asteroid watching!