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5 Most Super Super Bowl Military Moments

We were thrilled to see such a military-focus last night during the Super Bowl! The Red Cross is proud to support our service members and their families, and it means a lot to see them celebrated while the whole country was watching. Here are our top 5 favorite moments:

5. Pregame Army Helicopter Flyover

No, not that kind of pre-graming… This tradition is a powerful reminder that our US Armed Forces are always watching over us. Thankfully the Red Cross is there to watch over them. Before any service member deploys, they receive the “Red Cross Get to Know Us Before You Need Us” course, where they learn the Red Cross will be there for them and their families from that moment on, through active duty, and throughout the rest of their life as veterans.

4. Microsoft’s “Empowering” Commercial

It was a quick moment, but starting at second 28, a service member is coaching his wife through labor from the other side of the world. Being apart during important events is a common hardship of deployment. The Red Cross can help families dealing with deployment through the Coping with Deployments course, which is taught in-person or online, in English or in Spanish.

3. Halftime Show Salute

What a beautiful moment! We have to give huge props to Bruno Mars for taking a break from his mind-boggling, physics-defying dance moves to remind us of the real heroes fighting real battles, instead of those in a stadium. You can see how much it means to these men and women to be able to be able to dedicate this song to their loved ones. It’s heart-wrenching when you hear the lyrics, “When I see your face.” The Red Cross can help military families get in contact and see each other when they need to in times of family crisis or emergency. Military families can call the Red Cross Military Emergency Communication Center at 1-877-272-7337 24/7 at no charge.

2. Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” Commercial

Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” commercial featured 24-year-old Lt. Chuck Nadd getting a surprise welcome home celebration in his small hometown of Winter Park, Florida. You might remember the first part of this commercial, but you were probably crying too hard to see or hear it by the end, so here’s a reminder:

(You can also view the even more tear-jerking longform commercial.)

The Red Cross and its military service partners are a part of welcome home and yellow ribbon events in many locations across the country. If you are interested in helping, contact your local Red Cross, ask for the Service to the Armed Forces Staff member, and ask if there is a way to be involved in your community. We can’t promise Clydesdales or gallons of patriotic confetti, but each of these celebrations is a deeply meaningful way to thank our service members. Also, coming home is just the first part of the reintegration journey; the Red Cross is there to help families along the way with Reconnection Workshops.

1. Coca Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Commercial

This reminds us what our men and women in uniform are fighting for, and what we have fought for in the past. America, the beautiful, the refuge. The Red Cross is proud to have been supporting our service members and all Americans for more than 130 years.

 To learn more about Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces, visit redcross.org/military.