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14 #MilSpouse Truths

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! If you’re a #MilSpouse, how many of these are true for you?

1. Your kids are tech wiz kids, after all the Skyping, Google Hangouts, and emailing they do with their deployed parent.


2. Your surprise homecoming fantasies rival your single friends’ proposal fantasies.


3. You when non-military spouses complain about their significant other staying at work too late:

4. Your reaction when someone says you should sleep more:

5. …or take a “me” day…

6. Even though you’re an expert at moving, you still think it’s THE WORST.


7. When a future employer asks if you can handle stress:

8. You almost cannot handle your overwhelming gratitude when a new teacher understands military family life.

9. You’re always posting and following #MilSpouse and #MilFam.

10. You know that tears are multi-purposeful.


11. How you feel sometimes when your non-military friends say they understand:

12. Homecoming has a totally different meaning than it did in high school.


13. But you’re willing to take it all on…


14. And at the end of the day, you’re happy you and your partner chose this life:



Thank you for your and your family’s service! And happy Mother’s Day to the MilSpouse moms out there!

Go to redcross.org/military, or contact your local Red Cross to see how we can help, such as with Reconnection Workshops or training for easily transferable jobs.

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