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The Journey from Arm to Arm — Wynonna & Cactus’ story

Blood donations help millions of patients in need.  To make the journey from “arm to arm,” every unit goes through so many steps and tests to ensure that it is as safe as can be. After finding a blood donation opportunity, and going through a short health history questionnaire and mini-physical, the Red Cross collects about 1 pint of blood and several small test tubes from each donor.  The donation is stored in an iced cooler and then transported to a Red Cross manufacturing center, where it is then scanned into a computer database and sent off.

The blood is received in one of three Red Cross National Testing Laboratories, where a dozen tests are performed on each unit of donated blood – to establish the blood type and test for infectious diseases.  Within 24 hours, the test results are transferred electronically to the manufacturing facility and units that are suitable for transmission are labeled and stored in refrigerators. This is the blood that is available to be shipped to hospitals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wynonna and Cactus’ Story 


I am excited to once again partner with the American Red Cross and I am honored that they have chosen August 18, 2014 as Wynonna Judd Day during their 100 Days of Summer, 100 Days of Hope.

This date holds particular significance to me because it is the day that my husband, Cactus Moser, lost his leg, and nearly his life, in a motorcycle accident two years ago in South Dakota. I had long been a supporter of the American Red Cross, however, never before I had experienced the importance of blood donations so personally. Without the blood that was available to Cactus that day, I don’t know how our story would have turned out.

During the summer months, the Red Cross sees a significant decrease in the number of blood donations. So choose your day to make a difference. Give blood, give hope!  — Wynonna

Blood helped save Cactus’ life and strengthened the bond Wynonna and Cactus share.  To witness this bond in person, catch them on the road or follow their journey at www.wynonna.com.

To learn more about donating blood, visit www.redcrossblood.org