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Fall Favorites in the New Season

It’s the first day of fall in 2014, and even if you’re sad the temperature is dropping, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Here are some things we’re really looking forward to this season. Let us know if we forgot anything!

Visiting a local farm to pick pumpkins and apples.


Picking out the perfect Halloween costume. And making time for the Sanderson sisters.


Piles of colorful leaves (Clarence Barton really loves them).

Hot beverages – hot chocolate, warm apple cider, chai, that one drink from Starbucks that everyone loves – you name it!

hot cocoa

Eating yummy fall food, including apple cobbler, white chili and pumpkin flavored [fill in the blank with your favorite pumpkin treat].

pumpkin pie

Weather that’s not too hot and not too cold.


Less allergies with the season change. Although, we do have to stay vigilant in avoiding the flu.


Football! (Hopefully those trainers on the sidelines have the Red Cross first aid app on hand.)MINIONS

Wearing fuzzy sweaters, boots, scarves, and warm, plaid shirts.


Getting ready to hunker down for the winter. (Make sure your survival kit is also ready to go for the long winter months.)

CB blanket

Lighting the fireplace. (Make sure you’ve checked Red Cross fire safety tips!)


Making s’mores in a campfire (I love my marshmallows burnt to a crisp!)flaming marshmellow

Happy fall, everyone!