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Home Fire Campaign: Week 1 Wrap Up

The American Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign is striving to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by home fores, and we’ve already made an impact.

Over the weekend in Georgia, a Red Cross chapter and Boy Scout Troop went through many neighborhoods,installing fire alarms in the homes that were missing them. Later on, a woman turned on her self-cleaning oven and then took a nap. A pot of grease in the oven set off her recently installed smoke detector. Because of the this, the woman was able to wake up and safely escape her home.

Local chapters are doing great work by canvassing their area with information, installing smoke alarms, and making their communities aware of this campaign through social media.

Be sure to search for your local chapter on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about what your chapter is doing to help make your community safer and help reduce the number of deaths caused by home fires every year. If we saved at least one life this week, then we’re hopeful that more lives can be saved as we continue this campaign!

Here are a few highlights from what’s happened this week:

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