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From the Front Lines: Mobilizing Red Crossers for Louisiana Floods

It’s been a busy week at the Red Cross, and we’re not even close to wrapping up our effort to serve the people of Louisiana.

Haven’t heard what’s going on? No worries, we’ll fill you in: Devastating flooding in Louisiana has forced thousands of people from their homes in the largest natural disaster to hit the United States since Superstorm Sandy. Right now, the name of the game is food, shelter and relief supplies.

We’re mobilizing a workforce to assist both in Louisiana and remotely from across the country. Here’s a quick look at some folks on the front lines of our Louisiana flood response.

Mobilizing Across the Country

Several hundred Red Crossers are on the ground in Louisiana now. We did the math, and next to Louisiana, the top states sending workers are Florida, Texas, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.

But here’s the crazy thing: By Friday there will be more than 1,000 workers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Whoa! Of course, hundreds more local volunteers are continuing to support relief efforts.

Here’s what the support operation looks like, visualized:

LA volunteer deployment_red plus stacked title

Reporting Live…From Twitter

Red Crossers and their local chapters aren’t shy about sharing their journey, once they get the call to go.

Taelor flew in from Texas…

Janice is from Pennsylvania….

And Al and Stewart are telling everyone in Tennessee about their journey.

On Location: Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Sharon. She is a new Red Cross volunteer, who is inspired to help others because “she loves helping” and she says there’s a great need for volunteers.

red cross volunteer louisiana flood

We are especially in awe of our folks on the ground in Louisiana, some of which were affected by the floods and are still putting on their Red Cross gear and helping their neighbors.

Our thoughts are always with those affected by disasters, and we are privileged to provide our hands to help as well.

(P.S. Want to help the Louisiana relief efforts? You can donate directly, or create an online fundraiser to rally your family and friends for support!)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, especially the individual volunteer’s blogs.

    Can’t ‘hear’ enough.

    Our volunteers are wonderful!!!

  2. As a Red Cross volunteer, I deployed to LA from Dallas ,TX. I spent 3 weeks there and helped in 2 shelters.
    I’ll share just 1 story. Please feel free to ask about others.
    The shelter I was at was off the highway by about 15 miles. The last road was 8 miles of nothing. These well mannered, thankful, tired, people were at a difficult stage of recovery a month after the flood. You see, now they have no home, no clothes or food. On top of that, no car, no phone, and in a shelter 8 miles up a road with no contact to anything. How do you go get toothpaste, or call a friend to get toothpaste, or even walk to get toothpaste? Where can they start to rebuild their lives? They were so grateful for the Red Cross and the Red Cross Partners handing them a plateful of hot food. Or giving the baby some apple juice. Or a free phone, (Assurance gave out phones with free minutes). Now they can start.
    It was hard to leave knowing some friends I met were still struggling with getting the basics. I wish each one of them only the best and a speedy recovery.
    One girl in particular became very special to me. When I left, she said she had found a new job and a co-worker offered her a place in her home. She was on her way!