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What One Volunteer Remembers Most About Hurricane Harvey

Five weeks after Hurricane Harvey caused the largest flooding event in U.S. history, the American Red Cross continues to provide shelter, food, relief  supplies and other support to help people whose lives were turned upside down by this catastrophic storm. Of the thousands deployed by the Red Cross to assist, here is one volunteer’s story.

By Marianna L. Moles

Home items destroyed by Hurricane Harvey piled by curbside
One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to say, “Yes, I will go to Texas.” I was nervous, but the morning I had to make the decision, I woke up thinking of a quote from Carrie Fisher, “Stay scared but do it anyway. The confidence will follow.”

I will always remember the resilient and grateful people I have met on my first deployment. Red Cross volunteers/staff have hearts of gold, and I believe many of them will become my lifelong friends. The residents of Southeast Deep South Texas I talked with will always be imprinted on my mind. Everyone here is stronger than the storm. Leaving is bittersweet. I am changed forever.

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  1. I have been denid for help by FEMA and y’all I am lay on a bed that has mold I was took from my home during the hurricane Harvey floods and stuck in a shelter at the West Orange Intermediate School during that time of the hurricane I was hit in the face by debris and had my tooth knocked out I am now have a lot of health problems and my insurance is not pay for my meds I have no money to get a new bed and I am having to stay in my apartment with the mold and not have one bit of help for my health or get my need met that I need help with I am disabled and I have copd and it’s only get worse can someone please help me with this problem

  2. Hi Crystal,

    The focus of our financial assistance program is to deliver funds to qualified households most severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. This includes households in 39 Texas counties whose primary residence was severely affected by the storm, were displaced for several days, and have expressed an immediate need for help with life-sustaining items like food and clothing. The applicant’s identity must also be successfully verified.

    We wish we could help everyone, but there are many who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey that may not be qualified for this program. You may qualify for other forms of Red Cross support, including sheltering, cleaning supplies, food, health and mental health support and spiritual care.

  3. Thank you Marianna, your story is wonderful, it is good for the many thousands that still feel afraid of thinking “I don’t think I have what it takes to do such task” or for other unknown fears.

    Now you can tell the world, via this short story that we are all in this together Yay!
    May you continue to give of what heavenly father gave you. yourself, your ears to listen and your arms to tell someone , it will be ok. Again thank you for your services. Job well done.

  4. Can someone please get back to me ??? I’ve been on hold every night for over 2 hrs for Red Cross to no eval. My assistance was approved but not has cancelled on it. Please please someone explain to me. We had to change our account number and we’re told we would be contacted thru Red Cross to be resent out. Nothing yet.