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African-American History Month: Honoring Steve Bullock


Steve Bullock on Red Cross Truck During Vietnam War

This African-American History Month, we are honoring black men and women who played a pivotal role in helping the American Red Cross become the organization that it is today. This week, we’d like to highlight Steve Bullock.

Steve Bullock has a rich history with the American Red Cross spanning nearly 40 years. He began his career with the organization in 1962, working as a caseworker on military installations. His work took him and his family to military posts throughout the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Twenty years later, he became the Chief Executive Officer and Chapter Manager of the Greater Cleveland Chapter.

Steve Bullock in Red Cross Jeep

Bullock culminated his career at the American Red Cross in 1999, when he was named Acting President of the national agency in Washington, DC. He was the first African American to serve as Acting President of the organization. He took on the role after the resignation of Elizabeth Dole, who recommended him for the post.

While serving as Acting President, he brought a team of staff and members of the news media along with 60,000 pounds of relief supplies to Macedonia to aid nearly 140,000 ethnic Albanian refugees driven from their homes in Kosovo. In 1999, he also visited Honduras, which was then recovering from Hurricane Mitch, to announce that the country would be receiving $38 million for emergency and relief efforts, making it the largest international disaster relief campaign mounted by the American Red Cross at the time. In addition to relief efforts, Bullock also championed technology, chapter development, cultural diversity and youth involvement.

Steve Bullock Portrait

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  1. Steve Bullock was one of the best leaders the Red Cross has ever had. I so clearly remember his strong and thoughtful prescence and wish we could have had him ad CEO for much longer. He was a man of great integrity.

  2. Thank you. Mr. Bullocks for your untiring efforts afforded to the American Red Cross and being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. His blessings will continue to remain you and your family.

  3. This is so great. Please keep it coming! I am overjoyed at these revelations. I am trying to learn all I can to be involved in Red Cross. My greatest interest is learning to be a great Shelter Supervisor. I want to take time right now to thank Nikki Davis for her encouragement the first day I met her, and continues to encourage me. I look forward to this journey which began its direction on my deployment to Hurricane Harvey in Dallas, Texas in the Dallas Convention Center Shelter under the supervision of Kym Gonzalez. Thank you, Kym!

  4. My name is Mr. Anthony Bullock son of Leslie Bullock grandson of Joseph bullock. I’m very interested in learning the family tree of Bullocks

  5. Wow, look at God! @Mr. Anthony Bullock I am also here researching about the Bullock family. I would love to get in contact with you. I am not sure if my contact info will post (respectfully) in this comment section, but it would be of great interest to chat with each other. Thank you very much!