Emergency Social Data Summit

Red Cross Volunteer Winnie Romeril in Haiti

Emergency Social Data Summit

Social media has changed how people communicate, including their calls for help. Now, people Tweet, update Facebook statuses, and text about natural disasters. Emergency and disaster response organizations are working to develop a process to address this and harness the communication power of new media.


The American Red Cross is hosting the Emergency Social Data Summit to bring together government agencies, emergency management professionals, disaster response organizations, tech companies and concerned citizens to address how to reply to these digital cries for help more effectively.

You can read the full agenda here.

Thursday, August 12 from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm ET

American Red Cross
Hall of Service
1730 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Because of limited seating, in person attendance at the event is invite only. However, in the spirit of the issue the event will be open and broadcast on the internet. You can keep track of the conference using several social media properties:

Register now to attend the online UStream conference.

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  2. The Caveat: What follows are my own thoughts and opinions and not necessarily those of my employer.

    For today’s Emergency Social Data Summit

    Jack’s Laws of Communication:

    Jack’s 1st Law of Communication – In absence of a net force, information at rest will remain at rest.
    Jack’s 2nd Law of Communication – Information experiencing a net force experiences Communication. Therefore, Communication is Information in action.
    Jack’s 3rd Law of Communication – For every Communication (Information in action), there is an equal and opposite Communication (Information Reaction).

    Jack’s Laws of Information:

    Jack’s 1st Law of Information – Information is power, but only power-FUL when communicated.
    Jack’s 2nd Law of Information – Information AS power is measured by the difference between communication “intent” and “effect.”
    Jack’s 3rd Law of Information – Proficiency in wielding information as power is the difference between reacting and responding.

    Jack Holt

  3. Hello,
    I was online participant at the Emergency Social Data Summit. As I see the Summit as a really path-braking event, I am writing an article about it for german press.
    My question: Are there any photos of the event? As I have only screenshots I would be grateful of these.
    Go on with this great work!
    Best wishes from Germany

  4. Wendy – would love to get on the distribution list for future events like this. I run the federal sector practice for Visible Technologies, and have been thinking about applications such as this for our technology.

    Looks like a great venue.


  5. […] The major obstacle to the use of social media in crisis situation is the same obstacle to adoption we've seen since the beginning of the technology: a hesitation to shift from broadcasting information to engaging information. This was one of the conclusions that came out of the Red Cross-hosted Emergency Social Data Summit. […]

  6. @Chris – yes there where photos taken – if you visit their facebook page you’ll find them!

    Hope that helps!