How to Become a Red Cross Digital Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Digital Volunteer for the American Red Cross! Please read through the description and requirements carefully before applying for this volunteer role.

When disaster strikes, Digital Volunteers assist the Social Engagement team by:

  • Monitoring online conversations for disaster-affected people who may need Red Cross help
  • Sharing important disaster updates and resources through their personal social media accounts
  • Offering a compassionate voice to people who have been impacted

Digital Volunteers sign up to monitor, engage, and report in four-hour shifts. While this work is done remotely, our Digital Volunteers report directly to the National Headquarters Social Engagement team in coordination with their local chapter communicators.

This role is a good fit for you if:

  • Your online presence reflects our Fundamental Principles
  • Your friends would describe you as empathetic, patient and unflappable
  • You have good judgment
  • You are willing to use your personal social presence to act as an official volunteer of the American Red Cross.
  • You are capable of handling many details at once

Technology Requirements

Due to the time commitment and technical tools involved in this role, there are a few requirements that you must meet before you can get trained to be a Digital Volunteer.

You must have:

  1. An active Twitter and/or Facebook account
  2. An active and regularly checked email account
  3. Intermediate to advanced proficiency in using social media sites
  4. Some familiarity with social media monitoring programs and online group collaboration tools (examples: Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, online forums)
  5. The ability to use a computer for at least four (4) continuous hours, including breaks

Ready to Join? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Register as an American Red Cross volunteer. You can sign up online by visiting
  2. Take the Social Basics course found in the EDGE learning hub.
  3. Email the social engagement team (socialmedia [@] redcross [dot] org) and tell us you’re interested in becoming a digital volunteer!

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  1. wow, so proud to be mentioned here)
    Thank you and hope such platforms as Teamlab could be really useful for such great collaboration projects!

    Teamlab Team

  2. Just applied to be a volunteer. On your application form, I suggest adding a field at the end where the applicant can leave notes. For example, the application asks if I have a laptop and internet access; I have a tablet and a powerful desktop, but not a laptop. It would be helpful to know which elements are requirements and which are suggestions. Thank you.

  3. RC disaster training on line has been very time consuming w/o any success, even after following many instructions & problem cures! I am assuming it is keeping MANY likely volunteers at bay & possibly frustrated enough to retire from trying!
    I think you need a plan b or C to document that they are sufficiently trained for next step or temp bypass it for practical mentoring.
    My PC that is also has a touch screen option I do not use has Windows 7 installed as new. I have tried CREAM, IE & Foxfire w/o full success or credits! I know you provided S/W is not fully compatible as I have gotten a back door to it & the check boxes work fine! When will your plan B ( new tested & vetted S/W be ready?

  4. I am keen to be a volunteer for this program.

    [edited to remove personal phone number and email]

  5. Hi Shilpi — Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a Digital Volunteer! Please note we’re on hiatus with the trainings and volunteer applications as we update the program. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for a brand new page soon!

  6. Hi there! Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a Digital Volunteer. We are currently on hiatus with the trainings and volunteer applications as we implement some significant changes to our Digital Volunteer training. Please bear with us and look forward to a brand new page soon!

  7. Back in 2013, I underwent all of the training to become a Red Cross digital disaster volunteer, including the course online and (can’t remember if it was in person or online, too), an additional training on the Radian6 platform that Red Cross was using at the time. However, I’ve realized that at some point I stopped receiving email notifications for shifts / to volunteer all together. I still have access to an portal that looks like it was last updated in 2013, too, but I still receive random notifications from time to time.

    Can you help? I’d like to know if this program still exists. If so, how can I become re-involved? If this you have ceased using this program for volunteers, I’d like to know that too. I tried contacting via email above, but like others have mentioned, that email address is no longer valid on your website.

  8. Hi Jennifer, this program does still exist, and we’re so glad you want to re-engage. We don’t use the portal anymore. The best way to re-engage is to send us an e-mail at (socialmedia[@]redcross[dot]org). This address is valid, but if you’re having problems, would you mind sharing your email address with us, so we can reach out?

  9. Hi there,
    My name is Flora John from Tanzania Africa,
    I’m asking for volunteering work to your Organisation

  10. I was interested in online volunteer programs. I live in Kentucky and go to graduate school. Is there any openings available. I do have Facebook and Twitter. I am also computer education.

  11. However, I can’t seem to get any membership support from the American Red Cross in NYC!! I joined and fully trained on all certifications in 2006 for Katrina. I still have my badge ID for DSHR# 88320 (Disaster Services Human Rescue), Chapter# 05388—Santa Monica , CA.. I moved to NYC since and have continuously tried (Repeatedly calling, in person, emailing, etc.) to have my credentials transferred and recognized in the NYC chapter. No one helps! There seems to be no mechanism or system in place, in the NYC Chapter, to accept existing Red Cross Volunteers from another chapter or State. Very recently I spoke with my original Chapter in Santa Monica, Ca., and they confirm that my Red Cross Volunteer DSHR membership is active and in good status in their system and that in fact there is reciprocity between al chapters. However, I cannot get any one to call back or care enough to address this. What gives?? Does anyone have the number for someone who cares about having access to members in the area in case of disasters or attacks??

    I’m not one to throw in the towel, but this systemic deficit has to affect credibility, donations, PR, and especially needed help when it matters most.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  12. Another great day as a Volunteer in South Korea.
    We welcomed and briefed 224 new arrivals at Camp Humphreys.
    We reminded them of the many ways to find and contact American Red Cross when an Emergency Communications message
    is necessary.
    I love this Volunteer assignment.

  13. my name is Joi carter i am 16 i would just like to know is there an age limit for the online volunteer and if there’s not if i do this for school credits

  14. Good day, please I am from Nigeria and I want to be a volunteer how can I go about it. thanks