How to Become a Red Cross Digital Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Digital Volunteer for the American Red Cross! Please read through the description and requirements carefully before applying for this volunteer role.

About the Program

The American Red Cross Digital Volunteer Program is managed by the National Social Engagement Team and supported by active Red Cross volunteers across the country. The program utilizes volunteers to provide social care support to the NHQ social team during steady-state (blue skies) and operational state (gray skies) throughout the year.


What is a National Digital Volunteer?

A national digital volunteer uses their personal social media accounts to help monitor online conversations related to the national American Red Cross social accounts. These can be conversations that mention or tag the Red Cross as well as comments left on the social posts from the national Red Cross’ social accounts.

Digital volunteers report to the National Social Engagement Team throughout the year and may be asked to deploy virtually during a national Disaster Relief Operation (DRO) that is a Level 5 or higher or during an event that is receiving significant national media attention. During large disasters, these volunteers will assist the Social Engagement team by monitoring online conversations about the Red Cross, provide resources to disaster-affected people and report on any Red Cross-related concerns in the community.

This role is a good fit for you if:

  • Your online presence reflects our Fundamental Principles
  • Your friends would describe you as empathetic, patient and adaptable
  • You have good judgment
  • You are willing to use your personal social accounts to act as an official volunteer of the American Red Cross.
  • You regularly check emails and have reliable internet access.
  • You are capable of handling many details at once
  • You have knowledge in social media monitoring and developing care responses during a crisis. (recommended, not required)
  • You are a strong writer who is comfortable adapting provided messaging to suit a variety of situations, with an empathetic tone.

Position Requirements & Opportunities

Due to the time commitment and technical tools involved in this role, there are a few requirements that you must meet before you can get trained to be a Digital Volunteer.

You must have:

  1. An active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account
  2. Intermediate to advanced proficiency in using social media sites
  3. The ability to commit to at least one 3-hour shift a month, in order to stay active in the program.
  4. The ability to commit to at least one (1) level 5 disaster or above within the calendar year.

Volunteer Shift Opportunites:

Digital volunteers sign up to monitor, engage, and report in 3-hour shifts. At times, shifts may vary throughout the year depending on the day-to-day need with trending topics and/or national attention on significant disaster-related events.

Volunteers sign up for the program based on two time commitments:

  • Weekly Volunteers: Volunteer for 2-3 three-hour shifts per week AND one Level 5+ disaster per year. That is a commitment of six to nine hours per week.
  • Monthly Volunteers: Volunteer for at least one three-hour shift per month AND one Level 5+ disaster per year

Ready to Join? It’s easy!

  1. Register as an American Red Cross volunteer. You can sign up online by visiting
  2. Pick your Opportunity! During intake, you will have the opportunity to search for a position or complete the interactive role finder to find other opportunities you may find to be a good fit.
  3. Take training. Once you are approved into a volunteer position, you will have access to EDGE and The Exchange to take any required or recommended training before you get started.