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The Unique Role of Non-Profit Partners in Louisiana Flood Relief

Large disasters like the historic flooding in Louisiana create more needs than any one organization can meet. We are working closely with the entire community – federal, state, county and local agencies, other nonprofit organizations, places of worship, area businesses and others – to coordinate relief efforts and deliver help quickly and efficiently. So what […]

Pets Evacuated From Louisiana Floods Find Refuge in This Special Shelter

Post by Jay Bonafede, American Red Cross John White had been measuring the slowly rising flood water in inches until he realized it wasn’t going to stop. “I put some important papers in a bag, grabbed two pairs of underwear, and my dog, Deliliah,” said John. John’s story isn’t unique. Other shelter residents at the […]

The Making of a Shelter: Miss Becky and her “Angels”

Post and photo by Jay Bonafede, American Red Cross Johnnie B. Walker and her family were forced from their Denham Springs home when much of Louisiana was affected by massive flooding in mid-August. They initially evacuated to a store parking lot, but were trapped there by the rising waters overnight, until military trucks brought them to […]

Sully Film Features Red Cross Volunteers

Who remembers the plane that had an emergency landing on the Hudson River in 2009? Now, do you happen to remember what most of the survivors and crew were wrapped in after they safely exited the plane and got on dry land? Red Cross blankets, of course! A film directed by Clint Eastwood revisiting “the […]

Red Cross Offers Disaster Spiritual Care to Flood Survivors in Louisiana

For the past 17 years, Tim Serban has served as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. Yet, he doesn’t deliver food, water nor even relief supplies like thousands of his volunteer counterparts across the country who drop everything in times of crisis to help those in need. Instead, he provides help through spiritual care. […]

Top Questions About Louisiana Flood Relief

Last updated August 31, 2016. So many of us have been touched by the recent floods that have devastated Louisiana—whether directly as residents or indirectly as concerned citizens with big hearts. At this crucial hour, timely and accurate information is critical. Here are the top questions we’ve gathered from social media, as well as answers […]

From the Front Lines: Mobilizing Red Crossers for Louisiana Floods

It’s been a busy week at the Red Cross, and we’re not even close to wrapping up our effort to serve the people of Louisiana. Haven’t heard what’s going on? No worries, we’ll fill you in: Devastating flooding in Louisiana has forced thousands of people from their homes in the largest natural disaster to hit the United […]

Helping People Cope With the Worst Day of Their Lives

Imagine losing your home in a matter of minutes. What would you feel? How would you react? And how could you begin to recover? Listen to Christie Rodgers, senior associate for disaster mental health with the Red Cross, describe how the Red Cross helped after an explosion and fire in Silver Spring, Maryland, forced hundreds […]

Ryan Yamane: Telling the Stories of Wildfire Survivors

Post written by Red Cross mental health worker Ryan Yamane. Ryan also currently represents the 37th State House District in the Hawaii House of Representatives. On June 27, I turned on the local news showing the devastation of the California wildfires. Twenty-four hours later, I was on a flight to help those families impacted by the Erskine Fire […]

They Thought They Were Just Handing out Lunch

By Elizabeth Morse,  Northern Nevada Chapter Red Cross volunteers know they’ll help people when they work on disasters. Few expect to actually save lives. But that’s exactly what happened to Liz Hungerford, a Red Cross volunteer from Illinois. Hungerford traveled to southeast Texas after devastating floods began in late May. She was doing mobile feeding […]