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How to Deal With the Dog Days of Summer

Drink more water than usual. “Done.” -Pippa Avoid too much direct sunshine. Pippa demos how you might feel, should you not follow this tip. Take frequent breaks if you must work outdoors and use a buddy system. Rolo, Churro and Penny working hard to guard their territory, with an exemplary showcase of the buddy system. Stay in air-conditioned […]

How I Avoid Accidentally Leaving My Baby in a Hot Car

It’s 95 degrees in Washington at the time of writing. I myself don’t want to step outside, let alone tote my 7-month-old baby around. My wiggly little guy absolutely hates his car seat. Until we start driving, upon which he promptly falls asleep. (Isn’t he the cutest?) Falling asleep is awesome when he needs some […]

Before You (Pokemon) Go: 5 Pieces of Advice From an Avid User

By now, almost everyone has heard about the new Pokemon Go app. Using a mapping system, the app creates an augmented reality where you can collect Pokemon (little creatures) wherever you go. It also challenges players to travel to different locations to collect Pokemon. While this is very innovative and entertaining, it has raised a variety […]

Tips to Stay Strong After the Orlando Shooting

The news out of Orlando this weekend was met with shock and disbelief across the world. While it may be tempting to stay focused on the TV or social media, it’s important to turn away from the screen now and then and connect with each other. So how do you deal with the aftermath of the shooting […]

Why I Can Relax This Summer, Even with a New Baby

I’m your typical embarrassingly-cautious and overprotective first-time mom. When we visited our friend’s lake house over Memorial Day weekend I was nervous about, well… everything. I didn’t pack enough pants for myself each day because my suitcase was filled with my baby’s gear. And even so, we found ourselves in need of a long-sleeved, long […]

First Aid App: the Cure for Cabin Fever

Shoveling snow? School closed? Making snow angels? Whether you are heading back into civilization or still hibernating, the American Red Cross First Aid App is an excellent resource for you to have on hand for winter emergencies. The free app includes step-by-step instructions, videos and animations on how to handle a variety of first aid situations, from […]

Cover Your Mouth, Please

Like many who work in the Washington D.C. area and in other major cities around the country, I find commuting to be a bit challenging at times. In recent weeks I’ve contended with everything from missed trains, to delays on the Metro, to sitting next to someone who is coughing without covering their mouth. My commutes seem to be […]

Digital Art Expo: Kids Weigh in on Swimming and Lifeguarding

We asked kids in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade why they thought swim lessons and lifeguard training are important. Check out how the kids showed their support and enthusiasm for swim lessons and lifeguard training – we love their drawings! (And don’t miss the latest on our training and certification for extreme shallow water rescue, especially […]

Centennial Campaign: Year 2 Swimmers Diving In

Post by Connie Harvey, Director of the Red Cross Centennial Initiative I’m so proud of the Red Cross for honoring the organization’s 100-year history of teaching lifesaving and water safety in such a significant way with its Centennial Campaign. Now in its second year – still an early stage of the five-year quest to reduce drowning […]

Safety Quiz: Are You Prepared for Your Next Vacation?

With less than a month left of summer, many families are getting ready to take one final vacation. Staying in a hotel on vacation can bring a lot of added benefits (e.g. a warm bed to sleep in at night, continental breakfasts and room service).  However, a disaster can strike anywhere at anytime — even your […]