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From the Archives–March is Red Cross Month

The tradition of ‘March is Red Cross Month’ started in 1943, during World War II. Prior to designating March as its official fundraising month, the American Red Cross conducted campaigns known as roll calls. That tradition began during World War I. When the United States entered World War II in 1941, the war effort placed [...]

March is Red Cross Month: From the Archives

Red Cross Month traces its roots to the Christmas Roll Call, an end-of-year fund-raising effort begun during World War I to aid war victims in Europe.     The colorful flags that flew over New York City’s lower Fifth Avenue during Red Cross Week in May 1918 were immortalized in these two paintings below.   [...]

From the Archives: Restorative Face Masks for WWI Soldiers

World War I caused the death of millions of combatants and civilians, while countless soldiers suffered from injury and disfigurement. Perhaps the most disheartening were facial injuries, as soldiers had to not only deal with the physical loss, but also the constant psychological stress of wondering how people would react to their changed appearance. These [...]

From the Archives: Hurricane Response

This post was written by Kristen Rowley, Historical Programs intern. The first storm of hurricane season has come and gone. While experts are expecting a fairly mild season, it is important to recognize that even a mild season can easily wield a devastating storm. The Red Cross has over 120 years of experience dealing with [...]

A Unique Piece of History: Clara Barton’s Trunk Bed

Clara Barton’s inspiration for starting the America Red Cross was cultivated while caring for the sick and wounded on Civil War battlefields. As a unique artifact from her time behind the lines goes on display, it’s a great reminder to appreciate stories told through any medium – whether it’s on paper, through a photograph or [...]

Memorial Day Post: Grampa’s House

I always loved going to my Grampa’s house. When I was a baby, Grampa would relieve my mom by walking me to his house every day, just the two of us. I thought it was hysterical to throw my hat as far as I could, and he loved holding on to a stroller with his [...]

From the Archives: Clara Barton’s Office of Missing Soldiers

Just recently, the Red Cross history team toured the restored Clara Barton’s Office of Missing Soldiers at No. 9, 437½ 7th Street. The office is located in a former Washington, D.C., boarding house, where Clara Barton rented rooms during and after the Civil War. While Clara provided relief to the Civil War wounded, she accumulated [...]

From the Archives: National Nurses Week

May 6 – May 12, 2014 is National Nurses Week! To honor all Red Cross nurses, past and present, we offer a look at American Red Cross nurses throughout our history.            

From the Archives: Red Cross Dogs

In honor of Pet First Aid Awareness Month, we look back at the role of dogs in the Red Cross. While the American Red Cross did not use dogs during World War I, several foreign Red Cross societies employed dogs that greatly aided the Allied forces during the war. A number of these dogs were [...]

From the Archives: Women of the Motor Service

As Women’s History Month continues, we honor American Red Cross women in our second and final entry illustrating volunteer services dominated by women. This post will focus on the American Red Cross Motor Corps. The motor service was established in February 1918. Its mission was to transport the sick and wounded from troop trains to [...]