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Beautiful Photos Capture Families Reuniting in Ivory Coast

Children often get separated from their families in times of armed conflict. Reuniting them with their loved ones or communities of origin provides a glimmer of hope in what often seem like dire situations. Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers help people separated by conflict and disasters to search for and contact their loved ones, […]

7 Heartwarming Photos of Humans Being Awesome

August 19 is World Humanitarian Day — a time to honor those who alleviate suffering and a call to action. No matter how much time I spend in disaster zones around the world, there’s no getting used to the suffering. Every home lost, every school crumbled…let’s just say, I’ve yet to go on a trip where […]

How Social Media, Tech Influences Vaccination Campaigns in Kenya

  As part of the Measles and Rubella Initiative, we are committed to vaccinating kids in countries across the world. We recently supported our friends at the Kenya Red Cross, as they participated in a country-wide campaign to vaccinate kids, through community outreach. We were struck by the Kenya Red Cross’ use of social media […]

Postcard from the Houston Floods: Cruz Roja Mexicana is Here!

Cruz Roja Mexicana is in the house! Since Hurricane Katrina, the American Red Cross has become a close partner with its sister society from Mexico. While separate organizations, the two nonprofits are part of an international federation that offers mutual support and aid. As Houston residents reel from the third major flood in less than a […]

Two Ways Technology Helps Red Cross Earthquake Response

American Red Cross disaster relief has taken on many forms since our inception in 1881, when Clara Barton dispatched two men to help distribute relief goods and cash for victims of a Michigan forest fire. Fast forward more than 130 years, and we’re still using whatever means necessary to provide support and relief to disaster victims, sometimes even to disasters […]

Life in Tanzania Refugee Camps

Refugee camps are realities hard to describe, especially to people who have never been to one. I just spent nearly a month in two of them—the Nyarugusu and Mtendeli refugee camps in Western Tanzania—yet often find myself struggling for words when friends ask me what it’s like. I was there for exactly that purpose, however. […]

Red Cross Reconnects Sisters Separated for 72 Years

Story by Krista Schilling, American Red Cross Regional International Services Program Manager, Seattle, Washington Marta Kruk Lysnewycz was born in Hai, in the Chernigovskaya region of Ukraine in 1926. After surviving Stalin’s genocide of the Ukrainian people known as Holodomor or “death by starvation” during 1932 and 1933, Marta was taken to a forced labor camp in Hitler’s […]

International Women’s Day: Fe’s Story

Happy International Women’s Day! Jenelle Eli has traveled to the Philippines with the Red Cross multiple times to help with Typhoon Haiyan recovery. She sat down with us to share the story of typhoon survivor Fe Potente. Potente’s home in the Philippines was built by local workers with funds from the American Red Cross. Elevated from the ground, […]

Migration & Measles Prevention

Story by Carmela Burke, American Red Cross Volunteer, Los Angeles, California Migrants’ stories and photos appear above the newspaper fold line.  Images dominate traditional and social media which draw attention to their harrowing journeys through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Rand Corporation analyst Shelly Culbertson cites a staggering statistic from the United Nations Refugee […]

In Big Ways and Small, Haiti Continues to Recover

This post was written by Jenelle Eli, a member of American Red Cross’s international communications team, who travels often to Haiti.   Each time I travel to Haiti, I’m amazed by the progress that has been made in between my trips. What was a school under construction this summer was handed over in autumn to the […]