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“The city that refused to die”

When the Sixaola river dam collapsed in Guabito, Panama, the community was wrecked by severe flooding. But through hard work and perseverance, the town survived and thrived, prompting a local Red Cross volunteer to dub it, “the city that refused to die.” The American Red Cross works in Guabito and other disaster-prone communities across Latin [...]

Fighting Ebola and Its Stigma in Liberia

This post was written by Jono Anzalone, an American Red Cross division disaster executive who is on a month-long deployment to Liberia with the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC). It’s been three weeks since my plane landed in Liberia, where I’m helping the ICRC to put cash in the hands of families impacted [...]

It’s a Small World: Measles Anywhere is Measles Everywhere

It’s almost become a cliché in the headlines. But in many ways, it’s true. It is a small world. While news of the measles outbreak at California’s Disneyland and information about vaccinations are making headlines this week, the American Red Cross has been focused on the virus—and its elimination—for nearly a decade and a half. Because [...]

Haiti Earthquake: 5 Years On

Five years after a massive earthquake struck Haiti, many still feel the effects of the disaster: family members lost, injuries sustained, and the patchwork of their hometown forever changed. But Haitians haven’t been sitting still in the aftermath of the tragedy. Instead, they have spent the past five years rebuilding, recovering, and living with optimism for the future. [...]

Indian Ocean Tsunami: 10 Years and a Lot of Mangrove Trees

This post was written by Jenelle Eli, a member of the American Red Cross international communications team.  “Just be sure not to wander off the path, okay? We want to avoid alligators.” This phrase reached my ears just moments before following a dozen Red Cross volunteers into waist-deep waters in Aceh, Indonesia. The “path” was [...]

Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami

This post was written by Jonathan Aiken, who manages the American Red Cross’s video team.   On Christmas night 2004 I was working at CNN International in Atlanta, anchoring newscasts that few, if anyone in America were watching. It’s not really a big night for TV viewing and CNN International wasn’t widely available in the [...]

Appreciating Restoring Family Links Volunteers

Story by Lisa Ghali, National Headquarters, Caseworker for Europe and Asia                       Working for the Red Cross has given me the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of life experiences.  After dedicating the last nine years to the Red [...]

Save the World: Make Missing Maps

This post was written by Dale Kunce, Senior Geospatial Engineer and GIS Team Lead at the American Red Cross. Dale is spearheading the American Red Cross’s involvement in the Missing Maps project. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 11 months, I don’t need to remind you that it’s been a rough [...]

Passing on the Gifts

As we pulled into the village of Nomonge in Tanzania, I notice a woman walking up the red dirt road in a swirl of blue and yellow wraps.  This village is part of a program supported by Red Cross and Heifer International helping vulnerable families – those with serious illnesses, disabilities, widowed, or suffering from [...]

It’s Still Raining in the Balkans, But Families Move Forward

This blog post was written by Wendy Brightman, a Red Cross volunteer who deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist with cash distribution to families recovering from heavy flooding that occurred last spring. When she arrived a few weeks ago, it was still raining. September rains have continued to bring flooding to the same areas [...]