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The Volunteers Reconnecting Families

As National Volunteer Week comes to a close, I am reminded that the work of American Red Cross volunteers never does. For our Restoring Family Links volunteers, the impact of their time and efforts literally brings families back together. This process can take months, sometimes even years. Sometimes, volunteers are like Thu-Thuy Truong or Manyang [...]

Digital Mapping Volunteers Save Lives from the Comfort of their Homes

It’s National Volunteer Week – the time of year when we all put extra effort into recognizing the generous people who make the world a better place. This is the week to high-five that front desk volunteer at the blood donation center; fist bump a crossing guard; and flash those pearly whites at families working [...]

Your Role in Helping Refugees Worldwide

This past weekend, over 500 students participated in a simulation that allowed them to have a taste of what life is like for millions of refugees worldwide. For six hours, they dealt with rebel troops interrogating them and confiscating possessions, building makeshift tents, and looking for medical and humanitarian aid from agencies in the area [...]

Coastal Towns Prep Tourists for Tsunami Threats

Editor’s note: Jenelle Eli traveled last week to coastal Ecuador, where the American Red Cross prepares communities for emergencies and disasters.   Familiar phrases every person hears before going on a trip: Call me when you land. Don’t walk by yourself at night. Please just be careful. Whether I’m traveling for work or hitting the [...]

“Heads Together” in Haiti

This post was written by Jonathan Garro, an Information Analyst for the American Red Cross who traveled to Haiti in mid-March.   My first visit to Haiti came four years after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and forced more than 1.5 million people into camps. Of course I’d heard much about [...]

Typhoon Haiyan: A First-Hand Account

This post was written by Sasha Poll, an American Red Cross staff member deployed to the Philippines in early February. For the past month, I’ve been in the Philippines helping the global Red Cross network to distribute cash grants to families affected by Typhoon Haiyan. We have succeeded in getting cash in the hands of [...]

Diary of Red Cross Relief Worker: Entry 2

This post is from Winnie Romeril, who is deployed to the Philippines to help with the Red Cross relief efforts following Typhoon Haiyan Today I sat with Tito Aure and Lady B. Tito is a university professor who sits on the local Red Cross board and acts as their MC at important events, such as [...]

Livestream: How Can We Improve Urban Disaster Preparedness?

Today, the team at the Global Disaster Preparedness Center is hosting some fantastic speakers to discuss issues and lessons learned around urban disaster preparedness. In the last few years, big events like Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Haiyan have surfaced a multitude of questions about how technology and partnerships can address many of the challenges we [...]

Preparing for Disasters in Colombia

Editor’s note: Jenelle Eli does international communications for the American Red Cross. She and her team will be blogging from Colombia for the next few weeks.  Today I met Daniel—the guy who knows exactly what do if an earthquake strikes. And I watched Manuela, a Red Cross volunteer for more than five years, lead kids [...]

Sara—the Search and Rescue Dog—and her Game of Fetch

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jana Sweeny, the American Red Cross’s Director of International Communications. Jana and her team are traveling around Colombia this week, visiting communities made safer by the global Red Cross network.   As we walk into the Colombian Red Cross training center in Pereira, a yellow lab comes bouncing [...]