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St. Louis Chapter Reconnects Brothers Separated 12 Years

Working with the Restoring Family Links team, I’m privy to some pretty incredible stories — stories of hope and love persevering against all odds to bring families and loved ones long thought lost back into each others’ lives. The dedication of our volunteers is often behind some of the most touching stories, and a recent [...]

Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer at a VA or Military Hospital

6. Really adorable sweet old people Anyone who had the privilege of knowing their grandparents heard how the World Wars affected your family, whether or not they served. Older vets often just want company and someone to hear their stories, and as the WWII population decreases, we don’t have much time left to serve this [...]

Fired Up for a Frozen Showdown

Wow! What an end to All Star Celebrity Apprentice. The last two contestants are standing and it’s Trace Adkins and Penn Jillette! Penn’s a great competitor, but we love Trace and the voice he’s given to disaster victims the last several weeks. All of us at the Red Cross are so proud of Trace and [...]

Surfing Report: Supermodels, Country Stars, Carl’s Junior, Turtle Swimming and more

Satellite view of California Wildfire smoke over the ocean [Gawker] Hurricane Sandy, 6 months later [The Big Picture] Grandma gave her wedding ring to the Red Cross [Nancy Jo] Designing for the Science of Service Delivery [SSIR] You can join this Stars for Heroes Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s campaign [Benefits Service to Armed Forces] Don’t be [...]

Red Cross Club Spotlight: Texas A&M University

This post is the third in a series about American Red Cross Clubs at high schools, colleges, and universities across the country. Read the introduction to this series (“Join the Club”) here, and learn more about how to join and/or start an American Red Cross club (“Red Cross Club FAQ”) here. A couple of months [...]

From the Archives…

The Long Beach Earthquake Eighty years ago, in April 1933, Southern California was recovering from a major earthquake that struck March 10. The quake hit at 5:54 p.m. and a series of aftershocks ensued. The epicenter of the quake was located about three miles off the coast of Newport Beach, but the greatest destruction occurred [...]

Red Cross Club FAQ

Read the introduction to this American Red Cross Club blog series here. How can I join an American Red Cross Club? First, find out if an American Red Cross Club (which I’ll abbreviate to “club” from this point forward) already exists at your high school, college, or university by contacting the Student Activities Office or [...]

Volunteer Connection

There has not been a day that has passed in my over dozen years with the Red Cross that I have not been touched, amazed and delighted by our volunteers. They are an integral part of our country’s fabric. Their dedication is felt in thousands of communities, from small towns like Latrobe, PA to large [...]

Celebrity Apprentice and the American Red Cross: Home of the Brave

I hope everyone enjoyed the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice as much as I did! I couldn’t wait to see how all the drama would unfold for our friend Trace Adkins and what would be in store for the American Red Cross and all the charities. It was awesome to see Trace step up as [...]

The American Red Cross loves its country boys

Laura Howe is a country music fan and reality tv junkie. In her spare time she works as the VP of Public Relations for the Red Cross. Here at the American Red Cross, we heart our celebrity spokespeople, and country music star Trace Adkins is busy busy busy! We’re really excited for this weekend when [...]