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Three Things I’ve Learned

So I decided to share with the students the lessons I’ve learned since working for the Red Cross in hopes that it would encourage them as they contemplate their own futures.

Gail McGovern: Latest Visit to Haiti

On July 21 and 22, American Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern traveled to Port-au-Prince, her fifth visit to Haiti since last year’s devastating earthquake.

What We’re Reading

Starting the American Red Cross, wearing service uniforms, volunteering from the viewpoints of Patrick Pannett and Joe Hansen.

What We’re Reading

Community-based volunteers [One Blog post from our own Abi Weaver] First-Person Singular [Washington Post profile of Gail McGovern] Where to live to avoid a natural disaster [NYTimes] Stephen searches for shared bathroom key [Colbert Report near-telethon for Red Cross] Tornado tracks from space [Discover Magazine] Hurricane preparedness through freeze tag [Knight Foundation blog]

What Makes a Great Leader?

What can modern leaders learn from his example?

There is Hope for Haiti

The money Americans gave after the earthquake literally kept hundreds of thousands of Haitians alive

Hope for Haiti One Year Later

A year ago today, we saw horrific images coming out of Haiti.

Gail McGovern: 2011 Resolutions

I resolve to try to do the right thing every day.

Gail McGovern: 2010 Highlights

The highlights of my year come in 2 kinds of categories. The first is personal and the second is Red Cross related.

Gail McGovern: My Favorite Catalog Item

I am really excited about the holiday opportunities we’re providing friends of the American Red Cross.