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  1. Greetings:
    My name is Ry Zimmerman. I am on a mission and determined to bring quality and diversity together in gifts that reflect not only ourselves but the people that we buy them for.” Whether or not an individual supports the war in Iraq, it is certain that we all support our loved ones, & those who protect our virtues. “Our cards reflect life; meaning that everything we have been through will be artistically displayed on each and every card.” It is hard to believe that still in the 21st century the world has yet to fully embrace diversity. With this in mind and passion in our hearts, brother and sister team, Ry and Gregg Zimmerman, founded Billets Doux “Love Letters”. Billets Doux is a multicultural greeting card and luxury gift company also, featuring Handmade designs by Ry. Our Braveheart Collection is a great way to honor those who are present and those who have passed.

    Spread Awareness, Support and Love to our True Heroes of our country. God Bless. My deepest gratitude and respect.

    Ry Zimmerman Billets Doux ~ Ry’s “Love Letters”


    Complete Greeting Card Collection: http://www.rysloveletters.com/watch_-_video

  2. I think you have the dimensions reversed in the html for the Holiday Mail for Heroes banner —

    the site currently shows

    but it should be height=”100″ width=”700″

  3. When sending 15 cards in one larger envelope, should we seal the envelopes? Just wondering if you will have to open each envelope to screen the cards or if the cards can be screened in a closed envelope. Thanks!

    P.S. This is a great program. My husband is currently serving in Iraq and any “real mail” from home is always appreciated by the soldiers.

  4. Kristen,

    The cards are all individually inspected, so technically, you don’t even have to include a sealed card envelope. You can just put them all in a mailing envelope. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hi,
    I was wondering if there would be anyway for you to let me know when you receive our envelope of cards? My husband and I sent about 28 and our son sent around 18 or 20. Our son is 9 and he sat down with me on a weekend and took his markers and notebook paper to make cards to be mailed with ours. He also trimmed the edges of the paper so the pages wouldn’t stick together. I know this is an odd request but he is about to jump through the ceiling to find out if they have arrived yet. I know you all are very busy and have a lot of mail to sort through. We are from Mississippi and we are Don, Cindy and Dillon Myers. Thank you so much for even considering my request and thank you for all you do. We are so blessed to have you and I would like to personally thank you for your help during and after Hurricane Katrina. Thank you again and may God bless you all and your families.
    Cindy Myers Gulfport, MS.

  6. I am seeing conflicting information in the websites dealing with the program this year. Do the cards need to be POSTMARKED by Dec. 7th or do they need to be RECEIVED by Dec. 7th?

    Thanks and God bless!

  7. While I’m not with the Red Cross, I am with an organization that will be making a project out of sending cards, and when it says “Holiday mail”, not “Christmas mail”, that says to me that Hanukkah cards will be as useful and needed as Christmas cards. We have a Jewish lady in our organization and I’m sure she’ll do some Hanukkah cards. So, Dinah, if you are Jewish and want to send Hanukkah cards, I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be a blessing to every Jewish soldier who receives them!

  8. Cindy – Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, since all the cards are sent to Pitney Bowes for screening and then shipped back out to various Red Cross chapters for distribution, there is no reliable way to track a specific card.

    Shari – The cards need to be received by December 7th. Thank you for pointing out the conflicting information – the info above now corresponds with info on the website.

    Dinah – Religious themed cards will be sorted and delivered to appropriate recipients. Thank you!

  9. […] She turned 64 this week, why is she famous? Leave your answer in the comments. I talked about Holiday Mail For Heroes – follow that link to participate. Big thanks to Paul “Prying1″ Young, co-host […]

  10. I want to insert a prepaid calling card w/my Christmas cards. I am sending 100, do I need to seal the envelopes? I will be sending the cards in a priority mail box. I was told if I purchase domestic calling cards the bases overseas are on D S N ??? PLEASE ADVISE ASAP. Thank you. Carole Lawson

  11. I will be inserting prepaid calling cards w/Christmas cards (100). Do I need to seal the envelopes? I am sending the cards in a priority mail box. I was told I can purchase domestic calling cards as most bases overseas have D S N???? Please advise ASAP. Thank you, Carole Lawson

  12. I just placed your banner on the front page of my website; although I did have to adjust the width. As a military spouse; I know first hand how important mail from home is to everyone currently serving away from their family. No matter you position on the war itself; each of us should support the Men and Women who are serving our country.

  13. Dan – A group picture glued to the card is fine, as long as it isn’t a group made up entirely of kids (minors). Thanks!

    Carole – Thanks so much for your generosity. We certainly welcome your cards but unfortunately, security regulations don’t allow us to accept items that have been inserted in to the cards. If you have the calling cards already, you might want to donate them to a local National Guard Unit, military installation or Red Cross chapter. If you want to purchase calling cards for troops, you can do so by going to http://www.aafes.com. Thanks again and we appreciate your support of Holiday Mail for Heroes.

  14. My husband (retired Army) and I are so thrilled that this program is on for this year, too. I hope there’s no limit to the number of cards that I can send as I buy discounted cards all year just for this opportunity to ensure our troops that we love the, pray for them and are in awe of their sacrifices for America. Hooah!!!!

  15. I am using this as a project for my Sunday School children. We pray for our troops every Sunday at the Arlington United Methodist Church in Arlington, TN! We are proud of all of our troops! God Bless you all!

  16. My grandmother, deceased now, encouraged all the grandchildren to save the front of Christmas cards from one year and mail them as postcards for soldiers (active, wounded, etc) the following Christmas. I have several of these “postcards” at home and would love to continue this tradition. My question is: The card fronts/postcards are various sizes…will they all work? Is this an acceptable medium? Thanks in advance.

  17. I want to wish all the men and women overseas, and still here waiting to go over like my son. A very happy holidays and prayers for a safe return very soon.

  18. Leslie – What a great tradition! Postcards of various sizes should be okay. You can write on the back of them and bundle them together in one mailing envelope just as you would with regular cards.

  19. Since you changed the deadline that the cards must be RECEIVED by 12/7/2009, I don’t know when mine should be sent by, to ensure arrival by 12/7. I live in Buffalo, NY. Any ideas?

  20. Suzanne – if you postmark your cards by the 5th they should arrive in time. Thank you!

  21. just now seeing the date change from postmarked by December 7th to received by December 7th– we are planning a big church card signing on the 6th to get them in the mail by the 7th. Now it sounds like that won’t work. yikes! please, oh please put out accurate info everywhere from the start. very disappointing.

  22. Marie – I’m very sorry for the confusion. Our goal is ensure the distribution of the cards during the holiday season and that’s why we need to have the cards into the P.O. Box by December 7th. With that said, we encourage you to continue with your plans to have the card signing event and mail them in. We will do our best to get them delivered in time for the holiday.

  23. HOORAY and thank you so much! we are all looking forward to blessing those who bless us. Thank you for the response-I will sent them out Monday morning.

  24. Happy Holidays Everyone! Great Job!!!
    I also placed your banner on the front page of my website; as well as pages pertaining to the Military. As a greeting card designer I know first hand how important mail from especially “home” is. Something magical happens when you put pen to paper. You open up, breathe a little easier, and even find yourself being more honest and forgiving. Discover what’s on your mind & in your ? Have courage. Write from deep within your ? the place where fear hides and tenderness lies.
    Whether or not you as an individual support the war in Iraq, it is certain that we all support our loved ones, & those who protect our virtues. Our Braveheart collection was designed to do just that; honor those who are present and those who have passed.
    Running out of time! No problem! We will Mail your card for you!
    Share your kind words & give thanks with those who have given a great deal to their country. Email me with questions regarding your order or how to help & get involved. http://rysloveletters.com/braveheart

    Dinah Abrahamson: Jewish Greetings
    Billets Doux “Love Letters” is a multicultural greeting card & luxury gift company. We have designs available for “All” Cultures, & Religions. We also design handmade custom cards. Perhaps of your loved one? If you have any questions just email me. Happy Holidays to you & your family! Ry
    Love: It doesn’t matter who or what… just Love; as
    Love is infallible.

  25. […] been impressed and thankful for the incredible response from all of you regarding our Holiday Mail for Heroes program! Yesterday marked the close of the mail-in period – the mailbox will remain open for cards still […]

  26. I’d like to see your “Holiday Mail for Heroes” be extended *beyond* December 7th… Admittedly, I do not know know the logistics of the program, but as a retired military member who’s received mail through various programs, I can tell you that mail received AFTER the holidays is also greatly appreciated…

  27. Found your site through google search. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Looking forward to more. Thanks!

  28. This is agreat idea and I hope that next christmass you’ll continue this tradition and I could send a holiday mail for our heros.

  29. I am so glad that the red cross was able to see a success with this and i hope that next Christmas you will continue with this idea, I think it’s worthy of mention and support.

  30. There’s something about the American spirit — inherent in the American spirit — we don’t hang on to the past. We always move forward…. We are going to leave something better for our children — not just here in the United States, but all around the world.

  31. What a fantastic program – I hope many bloggers pick up on this and spread the word as it’s worth getting as many people involved in the Holiday Mail campaign as possible.

  32. I’m working on cards and little confused as to how
    I address the cards. Do I use To a Soldier or do I
    use Holiday Mail for Heroes. This is my first time
    with your cards and I want to do things right.

    Your program is wonderful. Keep up the great
    work. Our Soldiers deserve all the praise and
    support they can get.

    Thanks in advance,